15 June 2008

Wobbly Knees

Well, not so wobbly once the deed was done. Six days in hospital (was told ten/fourteen) I don't think so. Not with what they were feeding me & with the physios' tortorous smile to put up with each day...... Oh no. Was told I'd be on crutches for two weeks or so but was off those after a week. How are you supposed to get coffee when you're on crutches? It just wasn't working, better to run the gauntlet & go crutch free than make said coffee & think "Fuck. Now what do I do?!" ;o).

I am still staring longingly at my heels & even more longingly at my riding boots but was told totally, categorically & absolutely by the surgeon not to set foot in a stirrup until his or the physios' say so. It's turning into a long wait.

Seeing as the rest of the rabble are enjoying the delights of France & I have the house to myself, then A (best friend in the whole wide world) is staying.
Thursday night was a celebratory night of all the good things over the past few weeks & after a bottle & half of Rose the world did indeed look rosier, as did our cheeks....

Topics of conversation included her new man, plans to hit the town once I can safely walk in high heels, our worrying taste in men...... Justin Lee Collins being one.... It's the humour, ok. It's the humour!
Whether or not my new neighbour is fit or not (fit was the opinion)

and a trip down memory lane of the past 6ish years & the various scrapes, embarrassments, tears, achievements & episodes punctuated by stomach aching giggles that you can only have with someone who has seen you at your best & worst & is still there to celebrate/pick up the pieces as required.

She truly is a mate in a million.

It isn't a gushing friendship & we can be in contact via the odd text only for a few weeks at a time but I know if I need her, she'll be there & likewise.
We constantly take the mickey out of each other & take great delight in it but I can honestly say she is the best friend I'll ever have.
Just don't tell her I said so! ;o)

Oh yes, we also decided that Rose wasn't officially wine & therefore one & a half bottles was acceptable. ;o)



cogidubnus said...

Welcome back...glad to hear everything wen well and you're ok...

Roses said...

Hey there stranger. Good to know you're up and about. With your determination I'm sure it won't be long until you hit the town in your heels. I'm looking forward to your post after your first ride!

Emma said...

Welcome back babe and glad to hear everything went well.

Just remember though when they tell not to do soemthing they do so for a reason.

I get fed up of Mum telling me she is in pain, then I ask her what she has been doing and there is no bloody wonder...lol..

Anyway you take care and enjoy your time with your friend..xx

Sage said...

Glad all went well; just need to be patient, hard I know but well worth it in the end to be completely pain free rather than undo all the good work they have done.

Ing said...

glad you're on the mend. you'll be back in the saddle soon enough! take care & take it easy!