24 July 2008

Hitting the Town

Well, last Saturday I hit the town for the first time in ages, absolutely ages. Yes, I danced & yes, I wore heels & no, I didn't fall over. My achievement tally is great ;o)
Went out at 8 & didn't get back until gone midnight but as that was the first time in a fairly long while, I thought that wasn't bad.

It was only me & A out, just for a nice quiet-ish night. Lots of chatting & some giggles & we can't have been that bad because these two guys came & sat with us & bought us a drink which was nice of them.

And so I got chatting to the one & what did we talk about? Hobbies maybe? No, only a cursory mention. Work? No, again a cursory mention. General interesting topics of conversation? No.
But I'll tell you what we did talk about..... the pitfalls & difficulty of the Police Recruitment Process. Oh yes! For ages as well.... He applied at the same time as me & got the same answer so it was common ground for both of us & do you know what!? We even spoke about the 5 main questions on the application form.

That's not what you should be doing on a Saturday night on the town really. Still, can't have bored him that much as he gave me his number.

By a scary coincidence I may already have met his sister too, she keeps her horse not far away from where I kept mine, which was quite strange.

It wasn't a bad night out at all :o)


brown eyed girl said...

He must have been impressed with our girl next door...
How could he not be though, we all are...
Im glad you had a good night.
Its nice he gave you his number, are you going to call? lol
Jo xx

Ing said...

Glad to hear that you're up on your feet, mended, and remaining so!

Girl*Next*Door said...

Jo, you're far too kind!
I did have a good night, I really enjoyed it :o)
I've text him a few times & might meet up for a drink with him next week. Not sure how it'll turn out & staying cautious after the way relationships have gone the past few months.
Keeping it on a friends level at the moment :o)

Thanks hun xxx

Thanks Ing. Yes, not falling off my heels was definitely a good end to the evening! :o)