30 July 2008

Oh My Goodness

I want these boots. I'm not a shoe crazy type of girl but boots are an entirely different matter. Shoes I can take or leave for the most part but boots, well, I love my boots. I own about 20 pairs, from flat leather ones to ankle high Victorian grained leather ones to high heeled brown & black leather ones *blush*
but these are stunning.

Perfection in footwear.

The more I look at them, the more I like them. The colour, the heel, the Victorian style & the laces.

They even come in a 3 which I could possibly get away with if I put heel grips in.
The only drawback is the cost.......


Somehow, I don't think I'll be getting them any time soon, if ever! Lol


SandDancer said...

I love boots too. I was just thinking that I "need" a Victorian pair for Autumn but that is too much for me. Where are they from? Do they have a zip up the side and the laces are just for show, or do you have to undo those laces?

Girl*Next*Door said...

They are much nicer than shoes in my eyes :o)
I love my Victorian style pairs & somehow "need" a new pair each winter *blush*

They are from ASOS & yes, they have a zip up the inside of the leg. It doesn't say they have on the website but if you look very closely at the inside of the right boot on the model's leg then you can just about see a zip. Just!
They are expensive but then again, they're all leather, including soles so will last & last..... Price per wear they'd be a bargain!

I'm going to wait for the sale (if they stay in stock that long that is :o( )

Annette said...

They are lovely,and so is the price!
I love boots as well.