25 July 2008

Retail Therapy

It just has to be done sometimes. And a few weeks ago was one of those times :o)
After the obligatory Primark haul, including a gorgeous dress & pink pony shortie pyjamas (I know, I know....) came La Senza, putting a sale sign in the window was a big mistake....

But I was quite good really. Any riders out there reading, the absolute best knickers for riding in are La Senza shorties or girl boxers. So comfortable & unlike G-strings, don't have the cheesewire effect. Bleurgh! Sorry men but it's as bad as you getting things in a twist down there! So I stocked up on lots & lots of their shorties, new pyjamas & then some pretty stuff.

So, I got some of these;

Some of these;


And these;

The bra is not nearly so bulky as it looks in the pic & the shorts are a lot nicer.

And this;

Which is highly impractical & even though I may not have anyone to show it off to, I know I have nice underwear on :o)


Leaves and Lanes said...

Hey I like your music taste. Sandi Thom is a guilty pleasure.
Anyway I'm trying to get my first going, so please check it out.

Leaves and Lanes>


dickiebo said...

I must say that I do like the Baaad Girl outfit. (and the 'infit'!!)

cogidubnus said...

Oh god...more iced water please nurse...

Girl*Next*Door said...

Leaves & lanes, thanks for the comment :o)
I'll add your link when I get round to sorting them out :o)

Dickiebo, you are naughty!

Cogidubnus, you are equally as naughty, if not worse! Lol

Thanks guys :o)

Open Flaps said...

they are lovely, i will come and check you out in them x

thinblueline said...

I need a cold shower now...