27 July 2008


This is Sam

Sam is a Cocker Spaniel cross with we think Lab or Retriever. He's ten months or thereabouts & was obviously loved at some point as he has manners to burn & adores people. Unfortunately he wasn't loved enough for his previous owners to notice him missing.

Sam has been with us for the grand total of 36 hours & I wonder how we ever were without him. He's slotted into our family as if he were made for us.

Sam (formerly known as Doozer. Awful, awful name for a dog!) came from the animal shelter on Thursday after spending 16 days in their care. He was found wandering the locality with no I.D tag, no microchip & very hungry.

The rescue centre, along with me, think that Sam was a Christmas pup & once he grew up a bit the novelty & hard work of having an animal like a dog had worn off & so he was dumped.

No missing posters for Sam.

Or indeed worried phonecalls to local vets, shelters or Police for a lost dog.
Sam had served his purpose & was out on his ear.
No longer wanted or loved enough.

Until he arrived with us on Thursday, a bounding bundle of fluff & sloppy tongue with liquid chocolate eyes, an endearing personality & a deep love for his new tennis ball. And an even deeper love for cuddles.

He knows he isn't allowed in the kitchen & will stand to the side of the doorway, peeping round & edging further in until you catch him when you turn around & he slinks back off to his bed, throwing you a "how could you refuse me?" look on his way.

His first night here was punctuated by a thumping tail when I came down to get a drink & a wet nose nudging my hand until he was sent back to bed. Saying goodnight with a quick stroke of his velvety ears & on my way back upstairs, still hearing the thumping beat of his tail at the sound of a human.

His eagerness to be everybody's friend & to please them in whatever way he can.

Taking a curious interest in the rats but a slightly alarmed one as well! Especially when he has his nose to the bars, ears pricked & one of the rats took it upon themselves to sneeze on him. The shock on his face was comical.

After having his ears stroked, viewing my lap as a more than suitable headrest.

Sam is here to stay.

More photos to follow :o)


Annette said...

He's gorgeous.
I don't know how anyone can not love him.

Meaghan said...

What a cutie!

Roses said...

I was going to say 'he's gorgeous', but that was taken.

He looks like such a sweetie. How could his previous owners let him go? Look at those big, brown eyes. Filled with humour and warmth. Awwwww....

Their loss is your gain.

Hope you're doing okay honey. Many hugs.

cogidubnus said...

We had Tessa (age 5) and her son, Skunk (eighteen months) from our local shelter...Eleven years of pleasure later, Tessa sadly died last year, and today Skunk was diagnosed with a tumour...full diagnosis in a couple of days pending test results... I am devastated

Girl*Next*Door said...

Annette, he is beautiful. I cannot understand in the least how anyone could not love him, not at all.

Meaghan, I happen to completely agree with you! Lol

Hi Roses :o)
He is absolutely beautiful & a very mischievous little boy. The only problem with his big brown eyes is having to harden your heart when he gives you his 'love me' look. Lol
You're so right on the humour & warmth. He is wonderful.

I am doing well thanks. Back to normal now with knees :o) *hugs* xx

Cogi, I'm so sorry to hear that :o(.
Fingers crossed that Skunk is ok & it can be treated.
Big hugs :o( xx

cogidubnus said...

After inconclusive test results and two more consultations, (it's getting expensive again), the collective wisdom is now that "perhaps it's a very large abcess after all"...

Two lots of antibiotic tablets (one lot small and white, the other large and pink) and crossed fingers...

Thanks for the good wishes...

Sage said...

I hate that people can dispose of animals without a care for their welfare.. glad you have given Sam (great name by the way) a new start in life.. long may you prosper.

nooffencesdisclosed said...

I have a little cocker spaniel, who had four owners prior to me. She is lush.
Sam is nearly as cute, not that I'm biased...
Glad he's found a good home!