24 July 2008


The baby of the family turned 11 on Monday & already she's in trouble. Big trouble, with the parents at least.

She's got in with a girl at her school who I have never liked but who everyone else thinks it's lovely. She is sly, deceitful & just not very nice. I know that sounds harsh when you're referring to an 11 year old but she is not a nice child. She's the only girl in her family & both parents spoil her totally.

C (my little sister) went to the park with this girl, we'll call her H for little Heller, on Monday. C came home when she should of & everything was fine. Until A nice WPC from one of the local stations phoned up earlier asking for C. C was given the phone & by the look on her face didn't know whether to cry, deny it all or run & hide.
It turns out that H had decided to wind up this group of 14 year olds who then whacked one of C's classmates, quite badly by the sounds of it.

Playground scrap escalated by a stirring little mare.

Still, C has been much less gobby & it had the desired effect of scaring her to death once she realised it was the police on the phone. I don't doubt in the least that C went along with things, she'll pretty much do anything to keep the peace so I'm sure she had a bit to do with it as well.

The look of relief on her face was comical once she'd put the phone down though. Like a jelly about to collapse in on itself. I think she had visions of being taken away & locked up! Lol. Unfortunately for me such things just don't happen...!

All this has resulted in C being banned from all further contact with this girl & my mother & step-father really not amused with C at the time.

Hopefully the feeling she got when she realised it was the police will stay with her. She was very much subdued for the rest of the evening.

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