15 July 2008

A Warning

Don't go to bed with a satin quilt cover & sheet, while wearing satin pyjamas. Because you may just end up body surfing out of bed at a very fast pace as the little sister did. She hit the floor with quite a large bump & only woke up when she hit the ground. Poor little sister.....

But honestly, that combination is lethal. Still, I guess you could plug her in & maybe power the household on the amount of static electricity being generated!

I know I shouldn't laugh, I know I really shouldn't, but I did & found it hilarious. This didn't go down well when I was told at 8am this morning. And as I found out when they were thrown in my direction, she also gives quite filthy looks for a 10 year old!

I absolutely hate satin & that little incident only confirms why! Anybody who shows an interest or liking for satin sheets has very bad, verging on non existent 'taste'. It just makes me think of oiled medallion men, circa 1970's *yuck*

Cotton is so much nicer!

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