9 August 2008


Absolute bliss. As you may have gathered by now I'm pretty in to my music & can generally be found plugged into my mp3 player or with a C.D on.

So considering I spend so much time assaulting my ears with noise it's important to me I have some decent ear buds/ear phones.
I did have Sennheiser ones until they broke, & then Sam grabbed them off the table the other night & chewed the ear buds off.... It's a good job he has a cute face! Lol

The Sennheiser ones were ok but the more I used them the more fault I found (yes, I know. Supremely picky).
Soooo, the requirements were;

1. Must not fall out of ears. These sit absolutely still & don't budge.

2. Must not rub ears so you get blisters. These have super soft silicone tips.

3. Must be comfortable. So comfortable I can't feel them in my ears.

4. Must be good quality sound & not give me earache with so much bass that that overrides anything else. Perfect sound in my opinion.

5. Must do a reasonable job of drowning out all outside noise. Drown out 99% of outside noise.

Bose ear buds fit the bill perfectly.
I'm very happy because it now means I can listen to whatever I like at whatever volume I like without being shouted at to turn it down/off & as an extra bonus, they drown out the sound of a hormonal 11 year old & a super hormonal 17 year old.

Pure & unadulterated bliss :o)


Area Trace No Search said...

The most important thing though - how much?

The iPod standard headphones are absolutely appalling, it drives me nuts on the occasions I use them.

Metcountymounty said...

We like Bose!!!