24 August 2008


The date was a failure. Three hours of chatting but somehow, he didn't feel the spark & not sure I did either. Disappointed of course but things happen for a reason.

Back to the drawing board! Lol


dickiebo said...

Well now - this is a good start to a Monday morning!!! Sod it! Back to bed I go!

Area Trace No Search said...

Now then dickie, behave yourself.

Not nice for you, Girl. Who paid...?

Girl*Next*Door said...

Now Dickiebo, you know what they say about grumpy old men.... ;o)

Area, he was nice about it, I can't say he was a bastard because he wasn't. He paid, we left (I make a cheap date when I'd rather go for coffee than a meal lol) & erm, he went to get his car from the multi-storey & was 30 minutes late. So he had to leave it there overnight, get a lift, come back this morning to pick it up for work & pay £14 for the privilege of overnight parking.

Sometimes, life has a sense of humour ;o)

cogidubnus said...

Oh dear!