18 August 2008

It's a Date Then

That was a bit of a surprise. The nice guy I met a few weeks ago now actually came out with it a week or so ago & asked me out. I predictably got quite embarrassed as I always seem to do unless I get taken hold of by a sudden show of false confidence.

I have been really cautious here because the past few months, relationship wise at least, have been a mess. So I have not rushed anything & sort of ignored his subtle requests to go for a drink (I sound like a complete cow but it was ignored in a nice way!)

So, after 3.5 weeks of phone conversations & the odd text he said "OK. I know you've told me you don't want to rush into anything but you sound absolutely lush, I really like you & please can I just take you out for a drink? Say yes?" Yes, I was pretty embarrassed but I did say yes because if a man stays in touch for a total now of 5 weeks without pushing for anything then I think that's a pretty good sign of him being decent.

He's been on holiday for the past week & even took the time to phone then, although that was maybe because he was checking the date set for our drink was still ok & I told him I had loose plans to watch paint dry so I might have to cancel. He phoned me to tell me that I could be quite mean & that I shouldn't find it as funny as I did (even though he was laughing just as much!).

So, plus points so far;

Horses. Yes, he loves them & knows how to ride properly. That is a huge bonus.

Animals of all kinds.



Would rather meet up with friends for a drink than go full on clubbing.

And other stuff which means you have a lot in common.

Negative point;

He's tall. 5'11/6'0. Why do I always end up with tall men?!


cogidubnus said...

I could not, of course, possibly comment...

Girl*Next*Door said...

Lol :o)