31 August 2008

Job Hunting Part 2

Things I have discovered since I started looking for jobs are;

1. The Jobcentre is crap.

2. The Jobcentre website is even worse seeing as I enter a specific area & post code & rather than directing me to jobs in the general area I live in it directs me to jobs in Manchester! Go on, try it. Type in SW1 & it'll point you in the direction of situations vacant in Timbuktu. Useless.

3. Having Horsemart open in another tab is a very, very bad idea because it means I am distracted searching for & looking at horses I would have to sell both my body & soul to afford. And possibly a kidney &/or liver. This is not constructive but it is a lure hard to resist. £6,000 for a horse is out of my league & more, let alone £14,000.

4. After sifting through the Jobcentre website it is not a good idea to turn to YouTube for a Lee Evans fix.

5. Noseying at the HMV site at both music & DVD's is not the idea at all.

6. Since doing the above I have discovered that Gerard Butler makes an attractive view (I'd heard of him but I didn't know who he was you see, so when I saw a film with him in it I had to Google him)

7. I love Google ;o)

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