19 August 2008

Job Hunting

I absolutely hate it! Not because I don't want to work or don't want a job because I really do. It's the never ending sending off of C.V's, the endless enquiries & rounds of interviews only to be repeatedly told "We are very sorry but on this occasion we have decided not to employ you" or words to that effect. And that's if you're lucky, many don't even bother to reply but leave you hanging.

It's not like interviews are joyful affairs & they are a pain to do & I know from that it sounds as if I go in there with a face on & attitude but I really don't. That's what makes the rejection letter/phonecall/email all the worse.

So, wish me luck because I have started out on the endless round of interviews & frustration again.

Deep joy...

But I find this does an amazing job of killing the frustration if played at full blast on my mp3 player. I'm actually banned from playing them in the house because you absolutely cannot play The Prodigy on low volume or without decent bass & in my mother & step-fathers words they are "unacceptably loud". So I'll deafen myself with earphones instead :o)



Metcountymounty said...

well as long as you're using the best earphones as per a couple of posts back then that's fine - if you're going to deafen yourself you might as well do it properly!!

Good luck with the job hunting, I know the kick from Glospol didn't help. Had any thoughts about The Met? The waiting list is still there but there is no harm in non jobs to gap fill if that's the career you're after

dickiebo said...

Good luck, gal. Do keep your pecker up. You just need that litle bit of luck and ....away you will go.

Girl*Next*Door said...

MCM, of course I am! Except now I'm getting complaints of people calling me & getting no answer. I can't win! Lol

I'm still seriously considering the Police. Just not sure when & which avenue to go down so non jobs is what I'm doing. Anything to bring in a wage & give me a bit of time to think in the process.

As for the Met, not sure the horse would take to living in an apartment block ;o)
As I say, thinking about stuff & giving myself a little bit of time :o)

Dickiebo, thanks xx Keep your fingers crossed for me! :o)

Posh Totty said...

Good luck, I have my fingers crossed for you :o) Xxx