27 August 2008

Kitchen Exploits

Not those sort of exploits...!

I seem to be slowly but surely mastering the art of cooking. Well, I say cooking but maybe more following instructions on packaging is a more honest description....

So far I have managed the following with no damage to myself, the kitchen or the utensils used.

1. Pasta with sauce.

2. Noodles.

3. Chicken in a spacesuit.

4. Salad. (O.K. That's stretching it maybe because that isn't really cooking.)

5. Cous-Cous.

6. Stir fry.

I didn't burn any of it. I didn't wreck any saucepans or semi injure myself with boiling water, sharp blades, hot pans, undercooked food or over cooked food. The microwave, toaster & smoke alarm are all still intact. Smoke alarm only semi intact after a disaster sometime around last September. Whacking it with a broom because I couldn't reach to turn it off was not my best idea ever, although it does still work so it can't be that bad.

So although it's very small improvements, improvement is still improvement.

Bouyed by this sudden lack of domestic accidents I am attempting to bake a cake tomorrow.
Keep your fingers crossed that;

A. It doesn't blow up in the oven (as the custard did once in the microwave despite me following the directions)

B. It doesn't burn.

C. It doesn't come out like a cement slab.

D. It doesn't come out so hard it could be used as a lump hammer (as the shortbread did that was so bad it had to be broken with a hammer & chisel & even the horses turned their nose up at it).

Wish me luck!


dickiebo said...

Be careful - be very careful! When a gal starts cooking, she sure is getting old! lol.

cogidubnus said...

Excellent progress...seven out of ten...

Everybody ought to be able to do basic family cooking...from simple Spag Bols through to Sunday Roasts/Christmas Dinners...

When it comes down to it, there really is nothing that impossible in BASIC family cooking...IMO judging the progress of a fried breakfast (and getting the fried eggs/fried bread right is probably the toughest challenge here).

Cakemaking though is a whole different world...those deceptively difficult WI Victoria Sponges are something else...frankly love, I'd forget the Margueritte Patten (you can always buy a bloody cake) and concentrate on honing the everyday skills...unless, that is, it's got you hooked!

The guy I really admire though (and for far more than his formidable culinary skills) is at:


SandDancer said...

What on earth is "Chicken in a spacesuit"?

I'm not much of a cook myself either. My family business was catering so it was my small rebellion to not bother to learn.

How was the cake?

Webby said...

Hey J

I wanna know what the cake was like!

Send me an email + I may send you an awesome recipe for cookies ;)