5 August 2008

Love Is Noise

Do I like it? Or don't I? I think it's maybe one of those tracks that grow on you the more you listen to it. Really wasn't sure the first time I heard it, not at all. Then the second time I didn't find it so bad & the third time I actually liked it.

It's the weird noises in the background that are throwing me though, strange. Still, Urban Hymns was one hell of an album so far as I'm concerned & I'm not sure they'll better that but I have the Forth release date earmarked so we'll see.

The real thing that's worrying me though is the fact that my sister likes it a lot & she classes Blink 182 as a 'talented' band so either her taste is improving due to my influence or mine is declining! Lol

Oh well, it beats my stepdad's opinion of music & "That fifty pence chap"....... Sometimes, there just ceases to be any sort of hope!

1 comment:

James said...

I see you like The Verve, but are you going to be lucky enough to see them at V, like me?