31 August 2008


They are complicated creatures.
Or total pain in the arses depending on the mood they catch you in.

I wouldn't mind getting into a relationship again but I'm not sure it's the right time so why do I have the following;

A. A good friend who has only ever been & will only ever be a good friend & despite knowing that still keeps hinting at dates? I don't want it but I don't want to be so harsh that it taints a friendship because he is lovely but he isn't for me.

B. Somebody who is on the bordeline between friend & acquaintance but who insists on constantly flirting, who I have known for a few years & have never given in to his advances because I know what he is after.
I don't know if that makes it worse though because I don't think he's used to girls saying no & I'm not sure he doesn't view it as a challenge. You'd think after 3 years he'd have given up but no, he's still as keen as mustard as was noticed by me the other night.
Whilst in the middle of a perfectly general conversation there was flirtiness on both sides but in my mind, more banter & how I am with everyone which he is aware of. In his, well, there's blunt & there's blunt isn't there? He was blunt about certain things. I was very close to being left speechless which for those who know me, is rare. I just about managed to claw a sarcastic comment from somewhere which had the mental effect of a cold shower.
Three years of no's is a long time. You'd think he'd have got the message wouldn't you?!


Metcountymounty said...

agreed, however I must point out that women can be equally as annoying :o) A sounds like the kind of bloke in the "when we're 40 if neither of us are married..." bracket whereas B just sounds like a bloke!!

Area Trace No Search said...

metcountymounty is about right, B just sounds like a bloke.

Keep him as a loyal servant or pet, then when you get blokes you really don't like hanging off you, you can use him to chase them off.

Girl*Next*Door said...

MCM, you are right. Women can be worse pains in the arses sometimes....
A is very similar to that, yes! And I think you're right about B, he lives his life accumulating notches on his bedpost.

Area, you are a genius! I like the pet idea, reward when he's good, scold when he isn't & give him the odd pat or food treat :p Lol

Ing said...

It's rare that a bloke will not flirt with a female platonic friend at sometime. As for how he really feels. Give it some drink, and that'll answer your question.