5 August 2008

Wait Mr Postman!

Oh dear. Little sister (A) has become aware of the male of the species, well, she was aware before but only fleetingly, the sound of horses hooves was far more likely to get a rubberneck reaction than any attractive male is ever likely to get. But it seems that may have changed slightly as she confided in me, over the washing up, that she fancies our postman!
He's actually not bad looking but A surprised me, mainly because since she's hit 17 she's gone from horse mad to horse mad but also noticing men more, not sure I'm happy with that to be honest even if she is perfectly capable of looking after herself in the main.

So, the scene played out something like this;

Me: washing up, talking about general stuff.

A: Hmmm. *silence* You know our postman?

Me: Yes, I think so.

A: I really fancy him

Me: *Hysterical laughter*

A: It's not that funny you know!

Me: No, ok. Maybe not to you.... *stifled snigger*

A: Don't tell mum

Me: O.K. *calls out to mum*

A: Hastily wraps the tea towel around my mouth, in effect gagging me. (she has the advantage of height you see!)

Me: *laughing hysterically & trying not to choke*

A: *removes tea towel* Don't you think he's quite cute?

C (11 year old sister): Who's quite cute?

Me: Our postman, A fancies him.

A: *Dagger look & hasty denials*

C: *short silence* Oh My God! You fancy him?! *stunned, contemplative silence* but he's so old! He's like, 34!!!!

Me: That isn't old C, that's quite young in the great scheme of things.

A: He's not 34 he's late 20's maybe!

Me: Still too old for you

A: You have no room to talk or lecture on that.

Me: No, possibly not. But he's still too old for you. Anyway, you only ever look from a distance!

A: Maybe I'll ask him if he wants coffee!

Me: *shocked* You wench!

A: Joke, it was a joke!

C: (after sitting listening to this exchange but pretending not to) I don't care. He is old. I can't believe you fancy him. You know if you marry him he'll die before you?

Me: He is not that old & he won't die before her, you on the other hand, might.

A: I'm not going to marry him! I only said I thought he was cute!

C: I don't care, he's old & you have bad taste *flounces out*

A: Do you think he's cute?

Me: Suppose so. He's ok.

C: *flounces back in* Oh my God, you fancy him so that means you want to....kiss him? Properly kiss him? *disbelief etched on face* Oh my God. I can't believe you want to do that with him! Anyway, does he know you're moody all the time?

Me: *stifled laughter* Whatever, you'll change your mind in a few years anyway C.

C: *flounces back out with disgusted look on face*

*short silence*

A: He looks nice in his uniform

Me: What, a postman?!

A: Yes!

Me: *Oh God*

Poor, poor, postie.

No wonder she's been so keen to get the door when it goes of a morning!


Area Trace No Search said...

Apparently I have a uniform that someone could "live in."


Roses said...

I must admit, I've never thought about posties in that way.

Policemen, firemen, soldiers...definitely. Posties. Nah! Nobbly knees.

Speaking of knees - how long til you're back in the saddle?

Anonymous said...

So long as no-one tells her to start sending herself recorded deliveries to get to meet him, you'll probably be ok.