17 August 2008

The Weighing Game

Argh! Frustrated. You know they say you always want what you haven't got & then when you've got it, you realise it's not so great after all? Grass is greener syndrome maybe. Well, I have that.

I used to wish I could have something resembling a cleavage & some curves that at least look like I have hips & now I've got them, I hate them & wish they'd go. I've gone from a 4/6 dress size to an 8 & I feel huge. I know that sounds stupid but it's how I feel & because I'm short, every ounce shows.

I've always been conscious about my weight, unhealthily so sometimes but now I just keep myself on an even keel by not eating junk but because of hospital & not riding, half the activity I used to do is now not there so I've put on weight. In fact, it probably isn't so much weight as needing to tone back up again.

My body doesn't suit being curvy, I look much better being on the slim side. It's how I've always been & I am just tiny. I have no hips to speak of, hip bone to hip bone is 11.5 inches & my 11 year old sister has broader shoulders than me & is a full 2 inches taller!

So with all that in mind I am going back down to a dress size 6. Not because I'm bothered but because I feel happiest & most comfortable at that dress size & for the past goodness knows how long I've naturally been that size.

So for the past few weeks it's been in with the salads & out with the chocolate. Yes, I've even given up chocolate apart from the odd square & I am a fiend when it comes to dark chocolate so that is an achievement indeed!

And as extra incentive I have my jodhpurs to get into seeing as they are a bit snug at the mo & they need to be comfortable by the first week of October as I have a riding lesson booked. I have butterflies of excitement already at that thought so I am counting down the days :o)


cogidubnus said...

Fine hon, but don't overdo it eh?

Girl*Next*Door said...

Don't worry, I'm sensible enough not to get skeletal ;o)

Karnuvap said...

We wish for, we long for
that which we do not own.
But when we finally get it,
It's pleas-ures have flown.
It's not what we wanted,
It isn't the same.
We wait 'till we lose it,
Then want it again.