3 August 2008

A Worthy Cause

Well I think so anyway. It's the Racing Welfare charity & as quoted from their website; "Racing Welfare is racing's leading welfare Charity that provides help and support to all of racing's people including employers, employees and the retired, who may be in need, through accident, illness, age or misfortune."

In my eyes it's a very worthy charity. Many go into a career in racing straight from school & don't leave until beyond retirement age if they are not injured or leave the job through not being able to hack it.
It's one of the hardest career choices there is. You are up generally at 5am to be on the yard for 6am, quite often the day will not end until about 8pm-9pm all being well. If one of your charges goes down with colic you go out & you walk it, you keep it on it's feet & you wait until the vet arrives, & it makes no difference whether that's 3pm or 3am.

But anyway, the video will put it far better than I ever could :o)

I can understand why they do it though. Riding is an adrenaline rush anyway but riding at speed with high risk is something else, it's an addiction. Especially on well bred horses that are made to run.
I can also understand the need to get back on a horse after one has landed you in a hospital bed or a wheelchair.
I've had my own horses for the past 13 years & have been around them for the past 17 years & once you've fallen in love with horses you've fallen in love forever, no matter what the cost or the discomfort at times.
I've been horse crazy from day one & it was confirmed when I would go mad at the sight of a horse as a toddler & completely ignore dollies.
It's not an obsession but it is something that will always be in my life. And for those that go into racing, the risk is higher than most & the interest is more than a hobby, it's a way of life all year round, year in & year out.

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