11 September 2008

The Cheek!

My teen sister had the audacity to call me stupid yesterday. I freely admit I am not the brightest bulb in the box on most occasions* but me not knowing a small detail about the hoover is nowhere near her thinking it is acceptable to clean the oven's shiny bits with furniture polish because we'd run out of oven cleaner so that all susequent food cooked in it tasted of lavendar fresh Pledge.

This was only realised when I started to eat & nearly choked because the chicken tasted rather floral... . I got accused of being fussy until everyone else tucked in. Sniggering doesn't even begin to cover it!

*Realising the Circle Line & Metropolitan line on the London Underground are distinct & seperate. Discovering the Circle line goes in a circle & the Metropolitan takes you out of London in the direction I was going, not in. I didn't figure this by reading the map at the tube station but by getting on the right train but in the wrong direction & ending up in Watford instead of the Barbican. You'd think I'd have realised at the next stop but no, it completely bypassed me & I only realised my mistake when I was too far out of London to get off it & go back (& by that point had definitely come to the conclusion it was safer to stay on the train than it was to stand alone on a platform), getting off the train & hearing the tannoy announce the last train going back into London was the one arriving in 1 minute on the opposite platform, making a mad run for it & faking a 'don't mess with me confidence' all the way back into Central London at nearly midnight & then having to walk from the tube to my digs.

As if that wasn't bad enough, in my haste to get onto the train I didn't bother looking for one that had more than two people in but got on a carriage that contained two men that seriously gave me the creeps. One who tried to convince me it was the other one's birthday & would I like a drink before the supposed birthday boy sitting next to me & asking if I'd get off at the next stop & go to a bar they knew. Also, how old was I? Do you know you're very pretty? Do you have a boyfriend? It could have been innocent but my cynical mind jumped into gear & I was bricking it inside but faking total confidence on the outside.

I figured the best way of appearing to at least have some idea of what I was doing & where I was going was to stride rather than linger, look ahead & hold eye contact with any dodgy types rather than look down & hurry.
And call a friend on my mobile explaining the situation & to call me back in 15 minutes. If he got no answer then to call the cavalry!

On the surface it was amusing but I was cursing myself inside for being so stupid. It was the only time I got lost in London full stop as I made sure where I was going from then on & not being so laid back as I had been at home in the back of beyond & knowing a person by name if they passed me on the street.


Area Trace No Search said...

I love London. I still get lost on the tube, especially when I'm a little tipsy.

I do love donuts as well though.

Roses said...

Getting lost in London is a must I'm afraid. When I come down from Norfolk, I always end up taking the train going the other way, because I can never figure out the West/East bound bit.

Kaiser Bill said...

Duh !