21 September 2008

The Law of Murphy...

...strikes again! It is just typical. The one night out I had planned for a good few weeks & which I had organised with girls from the yard & a few other friends did not happen, well, it did but without me.

I plan it all in advance, get a good group of people up together & am solvent enough to afford a night out & guess what happens?!
I get struck down with the lurgy & spend part of the afternoon in bed & biggest part of the evening.

Not Fair!

Ah well, they all had a good time & I can always plan another night out. It will just be an even more belated birthday night out than it already was!

But all is not lost as I feel tons better today due to the rest yesterday & I am going up to the hills this afternoon.
I will admit, going up there is a love of mine & lately I haven't had the chance due to one thing & another to get up onto the hills.

Expect a post all about it, complete with pictures, later on :o)


Elliott said...

Love the picture with that post.. Do you have it as a larger size picture?


Rae!xx said...

I can sympathise with you on that one darl, still not had my birthday night out either, at this rate I will be celebrating it next year...lol..xx