27 September 2008



Pre Menstrual Tension or Pre Meditated Torture?

I'm going with the latter.

Any man who decides either of my sisters are suitable marriage material, well, I'll take him to one side & warn him just what he is getting himself into because once every month he will be living in regret.

I don't see the point in PMT. The only way I get affected by PMT is crying at sad films/news stories/magazine articles (this is actually really bad because I've welled up in public while reading about a tragic story before now) or craving sugar.

My sisters sadly are moody mares.
The one is unbearably moody & the other is 11 & just moody. It can go from a perfectly sane & normal conversation, I ask a perfectly innocent question & get fired at with both barrels about how unreasonable I am, how stroppy I am (that is unbearable hypocrisy really!) & how I should stop being so nosy & various other unacceptable behaviour.
This was in relation to asking if the one sister had had a riding lesson at the yard, how well did it go & how was Chinook (one of the horses. Don't ask) doing?

Perfectly normal sociable conversation but oh no! All of a sudden I am the moody bag of the household!

I caught it in both ears last week. Little sister had spent 10 minutes in the downstairs loo applying lipgloss. On my knock & opening of the door to tell her to hurry up I got "*sigh* can't you wait one second or are you that impatient! Huh, anyone would think the world revolved around you!"
Whilst shutting my right ear to that I asked my other sister who was coming down the stairs, if she was taking the dog for a walk.

Answer - "Are you blind or something? Why do you think I've just put my trainers on. Or are you just stupid? I don't
wear my trainers unless I'm going out. Are you completely dumb? My answer - "Oh I don't know? To run away & live with the other tempestuous witch *nod towards loo*. You can verbally slag each other off face to face then. Let me know, I'll open a book on who survives the eyeball gouging & shin kicking in the best shape." *grin*

"Oh shut up. I'm taking the dog for a walk. *slams door*"

Meanwhile the youngest witch emerges from the loo throwing me dagger looks like I'm the one to be avoided!

And before anyone says that they can't help it, they can. Because they're as nice as pie with friends/grandmother/cousin etc etc.

They're just moody bags.

Then again, pointing this out to my one sister at a tack shop & saying she should maybe sprinkle it liberally on her cornflakes of a morning didn't go down exactly well...

Wendalls Herbs Moody Mare Mix

I am tempted to try it. My friend uses it for her mare as she is a cow when she is in season. My mare on the other hand is a complete slapper when she is in season & offers herself to anything with tail aloft, 'winking' & shrilly calls of invitation.

I don't like riding her when she's like that.
It's an embarrassment! Lol

Argh! Women!!!


Jimbo said...

Sorry but I'm with your sisters on all of those points I bet you dont wind them up at all.... ;-) x

Rae!xx said...

On a totally different tack and I know she is only a cat and she did get spayed not long after her 6 mth birthday.

But she was a complete tart when in season, men she couldn't get enough of them and she usally growls and spits at them.

There is maybe an answer for your two sisters but possibly they are too young...lol....a few more years to put up with it me thinks...xx

cogidubnus said...

Honey...sight unseen I fancy you to bits...don't expect me, identically handicapped, to outright reject your sisters (who must share, some, at least, of those gorgeous genes) ... except on age-based grounds perhaps ... but, thereagain, I fear, speaking as an old fart, that rules you out too! How do you wan't to play this one?

lynn said...

Love the way you write!

Girl*Next*Door said...

Jimbo, you don't have to live with them! :p

rae, you've just given me a chilling thought. They're going to reproduce one day. Scary!

Cogi, Am laughing my arse off here! Don't be fooled, I only write about my good bits on here :p

Thanks Lynn! :)