3 September 2008


I am seriously considering doing a tandem skydive next year. For the last 5 years skydiving has appealed & the older I am getting the more it is appealing to me.

I just think you should make the most of life & although it would scare me silly to do it I imagine the adrenaline rush would be absolutely & totally amazing.

I'd do tandem for a number of reasons, the main ones being;

A. I wouldn't forget to pull the cord.

B. I would actually manage to do the jump & not sit on the edge a gibbering wreck.

C. If it did all go fatally wrong I would have the chance of a marginally soft landing. Lol

In all seriousness, I really, really want to do it. I think it is one of those things to do before you die (& let's face it, if you do die on landing then you've still achieved a skydive before death ;o) )

I'd also definitely make it sponsored, just so I couldn't chicken out two hours beforehand!

I am very taken with the idea but I'm not sure of doing it makes me brave, stupid, marginally insane or entirely certifiable.......


L. said...

Hey, chick... less blogging, more jumping. The longer you leave it, the more time you'll realise you wasted :-)

RedStorm said...

I agree. Do it. I did a tandem jump in Australia in 2003 & it was the most unbelievable thing I have EVER done. 2 downsides though:

1. You're strapped to the front of the instructor (invariably male, so I suspect you might quite like it!!) so if it goes Pete Tong, you'll be his soft landing!

2. theme parks will be a complete waste of time for AT LEAST 6 months after - I went to Alton Towers a few months after my jump, & wondered why I bothered, as there was no buzz after jumping out of a plane at 10,000ft!

Don't dwell on 1) though. I am determined to do another at some stage!!

cogidubnus said...

Honey, if you do it at all, do it sponsored to the hilt so some charity you care for benefits...then be prepared to pursue the sponsors with deadly intent so they can't bottle out...

Otherwise don't bother...

(But I guess you will, because I suspect you've, figuratively at least, bigger balls than I have!)

Girl*Next*Door said...

Hi l :o) I can't afford to do it at the moment & also,my surgeon would have a pink fit if he realised I was planning on doing it this year.

I have no choice but to wait until next year but rest assured, I will do it :o)

Hi Redstorm, I am definitely going to do it. 100%.

Hey, if he's tall, dark & handsome who am I to complain?! Lol
Yeah, I didn't particualrly want to think I'd be his soft landing though. Sort of puts you off a bit. Lol.

I don't go to theme parks because believe it or not, I am a complete girl when it comes to those but don't mind jumping hedges on horseback & galloping flat out which in most minds, carries far more risk :S.

Don't worry, I've set my mind to it & once I do that I do get there eventually!

Hey Cogi :o)
I will absolutely definitely do it sponsored to one or two charities divided depending on how much I am sponsored.
Oh don't worry, if they sponsor me I'll make sure they cough up! Lol

That would be defeatist ;o)

(I wouldn't say that exactly, maybe more the stupidity of youth! Lol)

I will definitely do it for a charity though. Ideal opportunity for a deserving charity or two.

In fact I've already loosely decided who I'd divide the money between.

The Mark Davies Injured Riders Fund or Racing Welfare & COPS Charity.

All three close to my heart. First two because it is something that is very close to my heart & a large factor in my life & the second because I have friends in the force & if every anything happened to them I'd want them to be remembered & those they left behind looked after.
And also obviously whenever I get into the force, it's what I'd want for those I left behind if the worst happened.

RandomPinkness said...

Hmm you seem to have deleted a post no? Well anyway I won't go into it you must have had a good reason but I know how you feel. Not exactly but I do, and I understand. If you want to vent my e-mail's on the side bar of my blog. I'll happily be vented at :-)

Kaiser Bill said...


take a parachute if you feel its absolutely neccessary!

Sage said...

Don't think twice, as long as you are not doing anything remotely unsafe (and by that I mean not professionally supervised) you can be assured that the risks are minimised..

I ended up owning a motorbike and have just come back from the South of France; my first big trip and I am still smiling.

Life is full of moments that take your breath away as long as you live it to the full.