9 September 2008

They're At It Again

What is the point in them repaying a measly £1.00. Yes, £1.00. 'Them' being the Johnsons, who are very well known in this area for being at the bottom of anything from dodging bus fares at 6 (seriously) to raiding stately homes & burying the loot on local farmland.
I will admit the above two reports have confused me a little because it seems that whilst they were raiding stately homes they also had a nice little sideline in scrap metal too.

They're scum & they're all over the place here. Actually, I lie. They aren't all scum, one family member (of about 60) seems to have broken away & is actually doing quite well for himself.
They've even had a bloody documentary made about them!

My mum went to school with the Johnsons & I went to school with a few. Sonny being one of them, who wasn't actually too bad until he hit 8 or thereabouts but even so, was dodging bus fares, shoplifting & causing general mayhem by 10. My dad used to drink fairly regularly with a few (that says a lot about my dad by the way). Most parents teach their children to read & write, the Johnsons teach their offspring to lift anything that isn't nailed down & make a run for it.

Asking them to pay a pound is a joke of the highest degree. I mean honestly, is that really going to have any effect on a family that thieve & rob as much as they do? It's a family business, they're born into it, they grow up in it & when they come of age they carry on the fine tradition of being liars, thieves, vagabonds & rogues of the highest degree. I like the treatment for the rogues of old, except nobody in the South West of England would be stupid enough to employ a Johnson for fear of being stripped of all worldly goods in the blink of an eye.

It's all very well locking 5 of them up for metal thieving & stately home raiding but there'll be another 10 come out of the woodwork to replace the 5 that have been put away. It's a tried & tested method of theirs.
And I don't care what anyone says, they may have been sentenced to 49 years but we all know they won't serve it.

The only way you will stop the scourge of them is to load them onto a battleship, send it out to sea & either use them as shark bait or leave them to sort themselves out on an island far, far away.

What gets me, no matter what they've been up to, you still see them walking around town as bold as brass until there is enough evidence to nail them.

What's almost worse is they breed like bloody rabbits. They should all have the snip rendering them incapable of popping out any more rag ends to plague the county & surrounding areas.
They've never done me any harm & have always been friendly when I've seen them in town but even so, I wouldn't take my eye off any one of them.


Sol said...

Passed your GCSE's yet?

cogidubnus said...

Sounds like if you sent them out on a battleship, they'd probably nick it for scrap!

Girl*Next*Door said...

Cogi, you're quite right. My evil plan has flaws! Lol