26 September 2008


Blissful sleep hit me the other night.

I slept right through from 11.30pm to 7.30am, it was amazing.
I had no dreams, no nightmares & just had solid, restful sleep.

However, this was only achieved by surviving on 40 minutes sleep for the previous 24 hours.
Even I know that is not good.

That's barely a nap & yet I was fully functioning that day despite the lack of rest.

I have tried Nytol.
I have tried lavender.
I have tried Horlicks.

I have tried relaxing music.

I have tried only having one coffee a day in the morning.

I have tried reading.

I have tried everything & none of it works.

Even after taking two Nytol my brain didn't switch off & I just felt drugged the next morning. Partly from lack of sleep, partly from Nytol.

I am going to see the doctor if it doesn't stop within a week or my face will be haggard before I'm 25 at this rate & I will look like a witch!


Anonymous said...
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cogidubnus said...

Alcohol works for me...but don't take that as a recommendation...more a sorrowful reflection...