8 October 2008


It is a terrible thing.

I just went & had a browse of the HMV website (or, as my nana likes to call it, HIV. I have tried explaining but to no avail!) & decided to have a look at my wishlist on there. It contains 143 albums containing anything from The Clash to Peter Gabriel to The Prodigy & Joy Division with everything in between. The amount was quite a shock to me as I guessed it to be about 70. How wrong I was!

I know that when I hit my 30's I'm going to be one of those people that has a whole wall covered with a CD self & the shelf filled to the brim.
I already have about 130 albums but in my defence, I do actually listen to them all on a regular basis.
I'm definitely a music type & not a film type, I only have about 5 DVD's in my possession & 2 of those were given to me.

I have come to the conclusion that I have four obsessions in my life;


But it could be so much worse.
I could be a chav obsessed with Burberry, White Lightening, fake gold & popping chavettes out by the dozen all paid for by the hard working public.
Thank God for small mercies!

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Rae!xx said...

You have defintely got your head screwed on right, there is no doubt there..xx