7 October 2008

I Have Discovered Something

Namely, that I can semi dislocate my knee.
I'm not quite sure how I discovered this but I can click it out partially, wobble it when I'm standing & then click it back.
You can actually hear it click & clunk so I'm thinking maybe it isn't such a good thing to do but it has such amazing capabilities of producing sickened & disgusted faces on those that are watching that it's almost too good an opportunity to resist.

It sickens my whole family. Even my brother looked pretty disgusted with it! But asked me to do it again in a sort of morbidly curious way.

But the best bit is being able to semi dislocate my hip & knee at the same time. It sickens my sisters & they leave the room. Perfect! ;o)


Rae!xx said...

Urghhhhhh, thats really not nice..lol..xx

cogidubnus said...

Ummm...I thought this was the sort of thing bendygirl (http://benefitscroungingscum.blogspot.com/) would caution you against!

Kaiser Bill said...

shame you cant dislocate your jaw