22 October 2008

In The Red

Red tartan that is.

On the much dreaded shopping trip with Strop (new name for hormonal 17 year old sister. I think it suits her!) the other day I bought some fabulous red tartan shorts. Exactly like these but with a one button fastening & in tartan, obviously.

When I tried them on at home & came downstairs in them, the general consensus was that they are awful. But I don't care because they suit me & I think they are far from awful. The fact everyone else hates them makes me enjoy wearing them all the more!

They are not made for shrinking violets so I have decided that they look best with black opaque tights, these ankle boots which are almost exactly like mine;

and a black fitted, skinny rib, roll neck jumper I have.

They're too loud to wear with anything coloured or printed, it would either look awful and/or cheap. And bare legs are out as they would make the shorts look tacky, and the blue colouring my legs would take on from being bare in this weather would clash with them!

I am going to wear them out on the town next week.
I am home alone for a whole, entire glorious week from Sunday so I shall be making the most of it.
Friday night of next week is earmarked for the debut of the tartan shorts & a night out with my best mate & a few other girls from the stables.

The shorts may not be to everyone's taste but I don't care because I love, love, love, love them and they suit me & that is all I am concerned about! :o)


Rae!xx said...

OK this one is showing her age, I remember owning a pair of those boots first time around and I loved them then...xx

cogidubnus said...

Shorts, tights and boots - God help the rural styx!

Roses said...

Enjoy wearing them honey, you'll look fabulous!

Kaiser Bill said...

Dont you blooming wear that outfit with me, you horror!

dickiebo said...

Hey GND, d'you want a laugh? Well, I placed in my sidebar, one or two pics, showing sites which I recommend. To look good, I placed your site alongside a picture of your 'Things I want' picture, in your sidebar. Guess what? The bloody picture is getting more hits than anything on my blog!!!!
That surely tells us something! lol.

Girl*Next*Door said...

Rae, they are fab & very versatile. And comfy :o)

Cogi, it's not that bad a combination! Lol

Roses, thanks :o)

KB, why on earth not?.... :P

Dickiebo, Lol! It's such a pretty object, that's why. Whoever has clicked has immaculate taste ;o)