17 October 2008

No. No. NO!

How many times?! I have had six texts (four at the weekend, two this week) from someone, who I wouldn't give the time of day to, asking me out for a drink.

All well & good if he was actually decent. Why can't I have someone nice pursue me?! Just a nice, normal guy with a decent job, a decent sense of humour & no funny ideas about girls who ride. Why does it have to be what can only be described as a muppet?!

There are many drawbacks to this but still he tries his luck. I politely replied to his texts over the weekend & then didn't answer them at all. I thought I'd got rid of him until I got a text mid week. And then another.

The drawbacks are mainly as follows;

He is blonde (the two blondes I've gone out with have turned out to be monumental prats. And I'm not naturally attracted to blondes generally. One of the many reasons Brad Pitt is not on my 'yes' list)

His chat up line was telling me he loved horses & riding but the only reason he did was because of the womens arses in jodhpurs & boots. He then asked me how good I looked in mine & would he ever get to see? Errrrr, no!

He's older than me. Not usually a problem but it is when he is such a dick.

He smokes.

He called me darling the first time he spoke to me. No, I am most definitely not your darling.

He is under the very bad delusion that he is funny. Oh yes, about as funny as being struck down with herpes would be 'funny'.

He uses text speak. When there is absolutely no reason to use it.

He wears an earring. Very, very few men can get away with wearing an earring. He is not one of them.

Oh yes, I've struck gold with this one......

And why is he texting me? Because my sister gave him my number whilst slightly drunk because he 'liked' me & I am 'lovely'. Unfortunately she didn't have enough brain cells available to her at the time to realise that was a Very Bad Idea.

She realises it now. Because I have told her so. It's alright for her to laugh in my face about it all though, she isn't the one being chased by a total fool who has no concept of the word 'no' or what constitutes good taste in male grooming.

I can see the amusing side now but last weekend, none of it struck me as remotely funny. There is background to this & I probably will blog it if I'm brave enough but for now, I hope my inbox does not feature a text from the muppet ever again.

And if I wake up one day & decide to become a lesbian, it is the fault of (nearly) the entire male of the species & their utter stupidity when it comes to women.

No offence to men reading this, this is just my personal experience!


dickiebo said...

I think that you are absolutely correct. I also have never yet found a man who I like! lol.

dickiebo said...

And do remember; Stable relationships are for horses!

cogidubnus said...

Your sister really did find you a brain-dead fuckwit ... he's not totally representative of the male half of the race though is he? Lets be honest, if he were we'd probably be extinct by now...

What is it about you and guys? Or what is it about guys and you? The problem may be this blonde thing you have...blonde with an e is exclusively female...for guys it's actually blond...it's one of the very few English adjectives with both masculine and feminine forms

You're right though...never trust anyone fair haired...my missus is a strawberry blonde...'nuff said?

Roses said...

What a twat. There are quite a lot of them about, but there are nice guys too.

The thing is, I don't think it's any easier with women. Think of it - two sets of PMT to deal with.

Rae!xx said...

I know it takes all sorts but why do they always find us...lol...I have had one for about a year now and he still every now again asks me if I fancy a quiet night in with him.

What part of NO do they not understand. He even tells the other lads I am playing hard to get.....dohrrrr...xx

Kaiser Bill said...

awwww..... but he likes you :-(

Girl*Next*Door said...

Dickiebo; The first comment was funny, the second as just corny ;o)

Cogi; she really did! And you're right, of course he isn't representative of the male race as a whole but my goodness, he gives the biggest majority a bad name....

Me & guys?! The good ones don't seem to like me & the bad ones seem to be able to spot me from 100 metres away!

I never knew that about the blond/blonde thing. Sometimes, English is not my strong point....

Lol at the strawberry blonde thing. No offence but the only strawberry blonde I've ever known was a complete & utter mad woman!

Roses; he really is exactly that!Thank goodness for the nice, decent guys. Not a huge amount about but at least we know they're there.
I agree, women are just as bad. I only have to look at my sister to see that with the PMT thing....

Rae; it is definitely not hard to get in this case. I don't think it;s not understanding the word no but more being under the delusion that they are God's gift to womankind. Wrong, wrong, wrong!

KB; for that comment alone, you are paying for the coffees next week. ;o)
You know all about this little episode & the fact he likes me is not changing my mind or view of him in the slightest!

Wind up merchant! :p

Area Trace No Search said...

No such thing as nice men.
Get a puppy instead ;-)

Alice said...

I don't fancy blondes either. Or kissing someone who smells like an ashtray, or someone who calls me darling. All three are big no-nos, never mind all the rest. I don't object to older men, though....

Alice said...

Oh, I should have added, jodhpurs are the least flattering bum wear I can think of - is he a perv of some kind?