7 October 2008

Puppy Love

After a bath.
Two seconds later he decided to spray me & the bathroom with the drippings from his coat.

The puppy loves me.

I know this because when he was laid at my feet earlier today (don't ask me why but he loves laying his head on my feet. I think it's the contact that does it) & my sister cuffed me on the shoulder playfully, Sam jumped up & nearly took a chunk out of her forearm in protective mode.
She screamed & I laughed, Sam sat there & snarled.
She did it again to test & he barked & was ready to launch himself at her.
It's not that he can't be trusted because he is the soppiest dog I have known but if he senses any threat he will protect 'his' family.

He has a habit of ambling up to me if I'm sat down & laying his head in my lap. That is my cue for cuddles & fuss. He also quite likes resting his head on the side of the laptop when I'm on it. Like now.

And for some ridiculous reason, he buries his head behind my calves in the vain hope I will protect him from the evils of the hoover & scary plastic bags. Obviously, they pose a mortal danger to black spaniel X's.

He has settled in really, really well & since he's been here we've managed to guess at a bit of his history.
He was scared of my brother when he first arrived & would cower away from him or slink under the table.

He cowers & shakes if you lift a broom up or make a sudden movement with one.
He is quite clingy & howled & whimpered if he was left alone when we first had him. He's now much better & I think has realised that when we leave the house, it is only for a few hours & not a whole day.

There is no doubt at all that he was hit by whoever had him before. As well as the phobias he has for brooms & similar he was also scared of having his face touched when we first had him.
The equivalent of what I'd call headshy in a horse, he was ok if he could see your hands but if you attempted to go near his face or ears with them he'd pull away & flinch. He now lets me stroke his cheeks, nose & ears with no problems so he has got 100% better.

He also lays flat on his back for me to stroke his belly. If I ignore him he wriggles onto my feet practically & if I give into him he falls asleep, fast asleep with legs splayed, on his back, snoring his head off.

The downsides?

He gets mixed up between food lust & actual lust & therefore is frequently caught with everything hanging out. It's not attractive!

On a rebellious mood, he decided to get up & pee in front of the T.V while giving me a very defiant look as he was doing it. I was the only one up & let me tell you, dog pee absolutely reeks.

Tearing a cushion to shreds, then rolling in the filling, is not the way to get popular. It took him three cushions to learn that fact.

Nipping bums also does not get him a warm reception. I haven't fallen victim to that. Yet.

Neither does being caught sat on the sofa, surveying his surroundings like Lord Muck. His face when he caught sight of me was absolute & total shock & horror. I stood in the doorway & watched him as he looked around, he then caught sight of me & froze. It was pure comedy.

Oh, & I am the only one who can get him to lay down with a point of the finger or a look.

Actually, he's pretty much exactly how I like my men, obedient, loyal & a bit of a clown! Lol


Rae!xx said...

Aw bless! He is lovely and full of all the mischief to keep you amused for a long time...xx

cogidubnus said...

Been there...done that...dogs and cats both...am currently contending with one real thugbunny of a kitten...

Kaiser Bill said...

The puppy loves you?????

do they do dog psychiatrists? ;-)