2 October 2008


I promise this is not my imagination. It's really not. But the minute October hit it turned freezing. I went out yesterday in tights, leggings, boots, a t shirt, 2 jumpers & a jacket & was still freezing my bum off!

It must be cold because I stole a fleece blanket from the airing cupboard & have taken to wearing pyjamas to bed the last few nights.

How is it possible for it to go from slightly chilly to freezing cold in a matter of days?!
It's definitely not psychological. Or even logical actually...

Anyway, I am one of those sad people that love Winter, I do end up getting sick of Summer (not that we've had a Summer to get sick of the past two years) & I love the fresh chill of early Winter.
And I love the things that come along with it like;

1. Custard. It's the best comfort food in the whole world. Really!

2. As I am no longer grounded, being able to ride out on frosty mornings.

3. The fact I can be legitimately pale & not be stared at like a freak by the tangoed tanorexics I frequently see out. The palest of fake tan looks stupid on me & it takes me about a week to get even a hint of a natural tan so I don't bother.

4. I can wear boots every day of the week if I want to.

5. Hot chocolate tastes better when it's cold.

6. The Cheltenham Festival draws ever nearer. I may actually get to go this year.

7. Being able to hibernate under my duvet & be cosy rather than kick it off through being much too hot & nearly suffocating.


Rae!xx said...

4 and 7 for me too, comfy warm feet and snuggly duvet.

But yes I even dug my gloves out today with winter coat and scarf, it's cold....xx

Anonymous said...

hehe 7 sounds like a plan!

Kaiser Bill said...

I froze last night in my gortex...... I wanna seal fur!