2 November 2008

Clothes Horse

I do tend to post a lot of fashion stuff on here. Whether that be shoes, lingerie or clothing, a lot of it gets posted. The things is, because of the price of most of it it ends up on my never ending & ever growing wishlist & so I don't actually buy a lot of it. Not £500 corsets & £300 pairs of boots anyway!

After much procrastination I have finally got round to sorting through my wardrobe. The things I wear, the things I no longer wear & the stuff that is just pointless. I'm sure you know the thing, the baggy tops & old t-shirts that are fine for bumming around in but then get past even that & end up at the back of the wardrobe, never quite making it to the rag bin.

So, after getting rid of about 25% of my wardrobe contents I, being a woman, went & filled it back up again.....

In my defence it is smart stuff & the fact I have got money from my Gran, a bit of my own money & at their offering, early Christmas money from a relative meant I could make the most of the pre-Christmas sales.

So the goodies are as follows;

Horseshoe print playsuit. I know it looks a bit like a babygrow but it is freezing here lately & it is cosy, cosy, cosy to sit around in of an evening. The horse shoes played no part in the decision to purchase, obviously.....

Chiffon flower print blouse. Will work with jeans for casual & black trousers with a dark grey or black vest top underneath for smart.

White detail top. Again, good for work or play. And the brilliant price of £3.00. Thank God for sales!

Snoopy T-shirt from Tammy Girl (I know, I know....but their stuff fits!) for no other reason than it's fun & I liked it. And again, it was a sale bargain. Actually, all of it is sale bargains.

Because I'm still in love with the tartan trend. Would look great with jeans, skirts or smart trousers, with or without a vest top underneath & the shorts/tights combination, with or without a fitted black waistcoat with the ruffles on display. I love it!

Chiffon skirt. It's pretty, feminine, floaty & equally good for Summer or Winter.

Chiffon blouse. Smart or casual wear with a vest top underneath.

Pintuck shirt. Another Tammy buy & the sort of thing I've been needing for ages but never found the right one.

Horseshoe print pyjamas. Realllly soft & cosy!

Yet another Tammy buy. Purely because it's fun & obviously, I am indeed magic! It's what I like to tell myself anyway :p

This silk playsuit. I adore it, it is so lovely & the amazing price of £10.00 instead of £65.00.

Peacock feather & bead necklace. Pretty & unique.

Butterfly print chiffon/silk blouse. Smart or casual, feminine & pretty.

Horse long necklace.
Because you can take the girl away from horses, but you can't take horses away from the girl.

And my favourite of all is this;

A silk mix (I think) tea dress. Soooo pretty & floaty. It was love at first sight & another massively reduced item.

I'm really pleased as I now have some much needed smart stuff. And it was all under £95.00 which I think makes it all a brilliant buy :o)
It also means I am off shopping for the next 6 months! Lol


Rae!xx said...

Some lovely clothes there, I so wish I could wear pretty blouses but being slightly top heavy I just can't get them to fasten.

Love the tea dress by the way..xx

Kaiser Bill said...

Everything I didnt pick...... why ask?? :-P

cheekydani said...

Love the blue tartan and sheer floral shirts, where did you get those from?!

Girl*Next*Door said...

Rae, I am glad I am not well blessed in the chest area when it comes to clothes. It does make things fit better :o)
The tea dress is stunning, I adore it :o)

KB, as a woman, it is my prerogative to ask your opinion & then completely ignore it. Anyway, you should know me well enough by now to know that when I make my mind up about something, it's set! ;o)

Cheekydani, they are BooHoo's finest. If you cherry pick the good from the awful they are not too bad for clothes. Not bad quality either for the money :o)

Roses said...

You've just reminded me, I must go through my wardrobe. I've got lots of stuff (usually courtesy of Primark) that's crammed in there.

I do need some new winter party clothes....shopping!

Anonymous said...

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