20 November 2008

Share & Share Alike.....

Which is all well & good. I don't mind loaning my sisters some of my clothing if they ask, look after what they've borrowed & return it.

The rules changed a few months ago with Mini-Me (the youngest sister) because she took it on herself to take a silk skirt of mine, dance around in it in her room & then somehow rip the seam on the waistband from end to end. Then hide it in the back of the airing cupboard.... I was not amused! Although it has to be said, fair play for the almost convincing 'I'm not guilty at all' face.
Luckily the damage was repairable or she'd still be paying me back now.

So now I just have Strop (the moody 17 year old) asking to borrow things. I don't mind this because she looks after whatever I lend her & the fact it's a weekly occurence it would get boring saying no all the time.
The only things that are off limits are shoes (because they are 5 & 4 sizes bigger than me respectively) & underwear for obvious reasons.

This was until last week when I went up to Mini-Me's & Strop's room to reclaim a few items & beg, borrow or steal (I am the oldest, the rules are different ;o) ) a pair of tights. There I am searching through Strop's chest of drawers when what do I come across? Four, (yes four!) of my bras.
The cheeky mare had taken it on herself to raid my underwear drawers for some bras as she had forgotten to put hers in the wash & in her words, "Well, it's not like you're going to notice four missing when you have about 50. *sulky look*".

1. I did notice but thought maybe they were still going through the wash cycle.
2. How on earth she managed to make them fit is a mystery to me because she is a size bigger than I am.
3. The cheeky little tart refused to take off the one she was wearing at the time. Of mine.

Still, revenge is sweet as I have told her she will end up with saggy boobs before she is twenty for wearing the wrong sized bra. She believed me. *smirk*.

Yes, yes, it was evil but she deserved it!

All through this unfolding Mini-Me was sat there spilling all, adding helpful comments & goading things along. And laughing her head off at the bits she found amusing. And after me telling Strop that she will end up with saggy boobs, Mini-Me decided to helpfully add "Haha! That means you'll need boob surgery! Otherwise you will have knee knockers! Hahaha!"

Luckily Strop had the good sense to leave my nice stuff alone but even so, nicking my bras?! I wasn't best pleased but told her that if she did it again, she is on mucking out duty for the whole of next Winter while Sunny is stabled.
This is serious business as Sunny box walks which means she tramples everything everywhere.

A truce has been reached ;o)


Kaiser Bill said...

yes.... telling girls to take off the bra theyre wearing doesnt work for me either

Rae!xx said...

What a lovely funny post GND especially the saggy boobs....lol..xx

Girl*Next*Door said...

KB, that is because you carry the rogue gene & the rogue gene is not acceptable in society. ;o)

Thanks Rae xx :o)

Amran Ismail said...

what if I told you that I'm going to show you a video that will allow you to buy all the clothes you want with the income you will be receiving? Would you watch it?