1 December 2008

Eye Candy

Shamefully I have been watching every episode of 'I'm a Celebrity.....Get Me Out Of Here!'
This isn't because I am celebrity obsessed or anything like that. There four reasons to me watching;

1. The disgusting trials they have to do. There is something irresistibly entertaining about watching a 'celebrity' chomp down on a Witchety Grub. If you haven't watched it, the innards of a Witchety Grub look very much like puss. *vomit*

2. Simon Webbe.

3. Simon Webbe's topless body.

4. Simon Webbe's topless body while taking a shower. Or doing press ups. Or swimming. Or just wandering around in fact!

The man has a body and a half. Which is a good job because I haven't seen any signs of a personality while he's been in there. I like my men witty & inclined towards P taking. So although he's more than ok to look at that is about it. Decorative purposes only I'm afraid.

But on the same note, I could have done without seeing Brian Paddick's naked arse jiggling on the screen.
My eyes are still burning & I am in need of a memory eraser & disinfectant. And quite possibly, counselling.

The other jaw dropping moment was when the obligatory blonde with plastic breasts type contestant had to do a trial involving her eating a Kangaroo's testicle. Apparently, they are a delicacy.
Fair play to her but then she had to ask "Oh, will I get pregnant now from eating that?". She obviously did not pay enough attention in Biology lessons now did she?
She is an embarrasment to womankind & quite frankly, it's a good job she has the looks & breasts because there is nothing lurking in her cavernous skull that is of any use.

I may not be the brightest bulb in the box but I do know the basics of life. What a muppet she is!

And they are my shameful motives for watching a celebrity reality TV programme. Shameful but amusing all the same :o)


Rae!xx said...

I havn't bothered with it all this year, I only did last year for Biggins to be honest, I really can't be doing with all those creepy crawlies.....give me nightmares...:(..x

Annette said...

Did she really ask that!!!
My god,what brains is that?
Is she trying to beat Jade?

Kaiser Bill said...

you do watch some rubbish!....&
I'm not being witty anymore! ;-)

Area Trace No Search said...

Ah yes, Mr Paddick... him leaving the Police appears to be our gain.

And the viewing public's loss.

Julian Meteor said...

Simon Webbe has the SAMe personal trainer as me - FACT
A woman called Joy.

She is a HONEY

But VVV expensive lmao (my Nan pays ROFL)