23 February 2008

A Year

Wow. One whole year of posting! I can't believe that come the 23/02/2009 I've been doing this for a year, especially as I never managed to keep a diary past the first two weeks of January! Even more unbelievable is the amount of hits I've had since I put the stat counter up a few months ago (although I'm sure alot of those are random Google searches!!!! Lol) But for some reason there seems to be quite a few regular readers who keep on coming back, thanks guys :o)

So, what has the year brought since I started this.....

Family life has settled more, all the children are back home & away from my dad.

I've cut him out of my life because every time I speak to him he upsets me by what he says/doesn't say or do.

Ended it with a boyfriend after he preferred a lapdancer to me.

Got chatted up in Starbucks by Mr. S a month later & now wouldn't change a thing.

Little brother finally got himself off drugs. He is still not on the straight & narrow by any means but he isn't on drugs. I just hope he doesn't get himself in deep & pulls away completely from the life he's in now.

Finally learned to let go & forget about the one person who I felt the most for but who treated me in the worst way.

Survived the ridiculous
flooding that hit Gloucester last summer! Although there were plus points.... Lol.

Realised that there really are some evil, horrible little shits in this world.

And that
the balance isn't right or fair sometimes.

That you can literally become a victim of fashion......

Had some interesting points of view.

Felt the best I've ever felt with someone.

Been truly happy.

Had the
experience of a lifetime.

Remembered the
good times.

I wonder if 2009 will yield as much rambling & wittering?! Apologies if it does! Lol

21 February 2008

Mardy Bum

Sometimes I wish I could be a moody cow, just sometimes. Because then I wouldn't laugh when Mr. S plays this when I have one of 'those' faces. Sometimes I wish I could have a good old sulk instead of just snapping out of it! Lol

& sometimes I wish I could rant & rave instead of just grinning at the ridiculousness of it all. But it just isn't me because if I have a problem, I say what it is then leave it. I don't get moody, I either get a bit low & need cuddles or laugh it off. And when this comes on, I can't help grinning.

The Brits

Did anyone else feel a little bit let down by them? I have to say, I did. But, as harsh as it may seem Girls Aloud & Leona Lewis were up for awards but didn't win any & I'm glad because the categories they were in there were far more deserving winners. Shame Take That got best live act instead of Muse though, Muse deserved it purely for the below from a few years ago; Soooo Good!

The Arctic Monkeys went away with British Album & British Group & they deserved it, love them. Was disappointed with the Kaiser Chiefs though, they didn't win anything but they did perform live & it may have been me but they didn't sound great.....
Mika, on the other hand, I thought was excellent & he went away with Best Breakthrough Act.

Full results here

17 February 2008

Festival Fever

It is exactly 3 weeks & 2 days until The Festival kicks off.

God I think I'm going to die of impatience/excitement!

Four days of heavy gambling & even heavier drinking will be done by some. Over £500 million nationwide will be bet on the runners & riders of the 25 races that take place over the four days, it's been known for one person to bet over a million pounds on one horse to win (Francois Doumen, owner & trainer of Baracouda. Baracouda lost......)

Over £6 million will be handed out in prize money to the winning owners & over the week, 230,000 people will descend on Cheltenham to witness The Festival.
229,999 of which will be Irish... At least that's what it feels like!
The Gold Cup is the highlight of the jump calendar & it's the race every jump jockey, trainer, owner & horse work for all year. It's the last race, on the last day of every Festival.
There are 34 runners for this years race (barring non runners) & a total prize money of £450,000.

The image “http://www.ichauffeur.co.uk/a/i/cheltenham-racecourse.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Shame I'm not in hospital for knee stuff over the Festival, loads of jockeys get carted in for various breaks & fractures. The whole Orthopaedic unit is dedicated to them & was opened by Richard Dunwoody (I think...)

Kauto Star under Ruby Walsh.

This year it's going to be a two horse race for me. Will last years Kauto Star prove victorious again? Or will newcomer, Denman take the prize?

Denman under Ruby Walsh.

Ruby is going to be on board Kauto Star again this year but both Kauto & Denman are favourites to win.

It's not at all often that a horse wins the cup more than once. It took 46 years for a horse to beat Arkle's record, Best Mate.

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Best Mate.

I'm inclined to go with Denman to be honest. Kauto Star has the speed but he's not careful over his jumps & he doesn't have the stamina that Denman has. On the run in to the post that's going to prove the decider. Denman has got the power to be a serious contender this year, he was only a novice last year but after 12 months of maturity & extra training he is a serious hope. He certainly has the stamina to hold it together.

After 22 fences & a three & a quarter mile course they're going to be knackered. The thing with Cheltenham is it's a hilly course & there is a killer on the run in to the post, it's a long steady uphill climb, add to that lot heavy going & it's one long slog for them all. And it's the run in where the stragglers get knocked to the back & it is quite often between three/four horses. The roar of the crowd on the run in is deafening, all you can hear are people screaming & shouting for their respective horse to come in, forget the commentary because you won't be hearing it if you're there.

I love the atmosphere we get over race week, it's brilliant. Everything is packed in the town for the whole four days, accommodation is booked solid & the bars in Cheltenham are absolutely rammed with people celebrating wins or drinking away their sorrows. Hundreds of extra staff get booked at Cheltenham just to wait on & serve/cook for the people there & temp staff are always needed in the bars etc. It's definitely a part of the tapestry & I adore it!

My tip is Denman but don't blame me if you lose the beer money! ;o)

13 February 2008

To Stud

It's been a thought for a few years but now my horse is a bit older & things are settled I'm seriously considering sending Sunny to stud next year. Ideally I'd like to get something of the 16 hand mark out of her, she's nearing 15 hands herself so it shouldn't be too much trouble.

There are quite a few reasons I'd like a foal or two out of her. Firstly she is a one in a million pony, absolutely 110% trustworthy with the tiniest of kids but sparky enough that she adores Cross Country & hunting. Completely obedient & the sweetest nature possible. She also has a brilliant jump & lovely paces. Four times I've been asked would I part with her/would I consider parting with her but it'll never happen because not only do I love her to bits but she is a sort of pony that money can't buy. Not bad for a scared out of her wits 3 year old that I bought outside the ring at Andoversford horse fair 8 years ago! She cost £300 but I wouldn't part with her for 10 times that price.

One of the biggest reasons for putting her to Stud is that I can bring the foal on myself. I re-broke Sunny because she'd basically been been broken way to early, she was fully broken by 3 & was just rushed so when I got her she was still a baby mentally. I turned her away for a year/18 months & then started over with her.
With a foal I can do things properly, it'll be used to my ways & won't be pushed for too much too soon unlike she was. And will be used to good handling & having good manners instilled from the start so I won't have to untangle somebody else's mess.

This is a pic from last year I think but it shows the type she is. She's really well put together & I want to keep that quality for any babies she has.

Unfortunately the two stallions I really like are in Dyfed & Shropshire respectively. So, depending on the financial situation there are going to be two options;

1. Sunny travels to stud, meets the selected stallion & has a month or so holiday when the foal arrives.

2. The poor pony goes the turkey baster route..... Which is where the Stud send you, by courier, the chilled semen to impregnate your mare. (The vet will have the job of the AI)

The main cost will be transporting her & her being kept at Stud, plus, she doesn't do well away from home & tends to pine for the people she knows.

So, that's the gist of it.

Here are the two stallions I have fallen for;

Creewood Sammy.

Irish Draught dapple grey stallion standing 16.1hh & a gorgeous temperament as well as excellent jumping ability & paces. Stud fee of £250.

I really like the look of him, he has presence & is very correct conformation wise. The only drawback with him is that Sunny may end up carrying a big foal which isn't ideal for her first nor ideal physically so will have to look into that.
Looks a bit bum high in the pic but I think that's the angle.


Gwarchod y Meseia.

Welsh Section D black stallion standing 15hh. I've seen him at shows & he is stunning, he's only 7 but has such a lovely personality.
The only thing bothering me about him is the fact that all Section D's I've known of have been on the slightly crazy side.
Sunny can be quite mad at times so I don't want something that feels like you're riding a lit firework & waiting for it to explode!

At the moment I am really liking the Irish Draught as I ideally want something capable of carrying my sister who's 5'6" ish & little sister, who at 10 is 5'2" & by the time the foal is ready to be broken & ridden away will be 16. There's also my brother who's well over 6ft & has nothing to ride except a friends 18 hander who is lovely (I've ridden him & although I looked like a pea on a drum he really is a lovely horse) but doesn't do much jumping etc as he's had joint probs in the past.

So, loads to think about but I'm hoping we have a foal by mid summer next year :o)

Have also sorted my links out :o)

8 February 2008

No Rush

Crowded would be the wrong word but I'm feeling slightly, I don't know, rushed is the closest I can describe it.

Just recently Mr. S has been making noises about moving in together. I've sort of blanked them, or changed the subject which doesn't help things I suppose but I just feel like I'm being 'pushed'. It's hard to describe, but you know when somebody wants you to do something that you don't feel entirely sure about? You just get that feeling don't you?

I'm not the kind of girl that pushes for everything from someone when I'm in a relationship. I don't have visions of wedding dresses & the happily ever after because there isn't always a happily ever after. I don't push things forward because I like to take things day by day. I really don't see the point in hassling somebody into major commitment, it just isn't me. I much prefer to be laid back about stuff & see how things go at their own pace & just see how things feel.

I don't know, maybe I'm too far in the opposite direction & too laid back but I hate being 'crowded' into something, especially when it' something like that.

I'm happy that he sees a future, I really am but I don't feel right about it. I don't feel like it's the right thing to do at this point in time. It's not like we're unhappy or anything because we're really not but I don't feel ready, I don't know why, I just don't.

Maybe things will change in the future but what is wrong with taking things day by day?

4 February 2008

New Bit

After a little cajoling from my part to Mr. S, I got a lift to the good saddlery. It's a little way out but sells almost anything you need for horses/riding. I got the bit I've needed for the past few weeks now, as pictured above.
My horse, being the awkward creature that she is, does not find run of the mill bits very comfortable to wear & I find them even less suitable for steering & brakes!
I've had her since she was coming up 3 & when she arrived with me she was being ridden in an Eggbutt snaffle & going ok but as she got older we began to have problems, she'd unfortunately learnt to evade the bit (God knows how because I'm really light with my hands & I taught my sisters to ride in the same way so she's never been hauled around by the mouth or jabbed with it & has actually got such a soft mouth that she literally needs the lightest of touches)
She got so bad that she ended up with sores/ulcers under her tongue :o(

I ride her in a martingale anyway because she will raise her head up & snatch the reins from you/give you a nosebleed, this all stems from the bit evasion.

Thankfully today I got the bit I've been looking for. It has two discs in the mouthpiece which keep her tongue flat & under the bit where it should be & means the contact on her mouth is now 100% better.
I called in at the yard on the way back & got the stable owners daughter to try her out in it & she went so well!
Not snatching, not resisting & went straight into a nice outline immediately. She was going really well, granted A was riding her well but she was nice & collected too. Had her hocks well under her & her neck nice & rounded, could really see the propulsion from her hindquarters :o) Went into trot & you could see she had that nice 'springy' feel. Lovely.

So I am very pleased & can't wait to get back on her, it's driving me mad. Was so hard to resist just a quick ride, especially as she was so good :o(

But the bit has done it's job, she is no longer fighting & no longer will I have to pray for brakes/steering again!

I really need to sort my links out too. Got loads of horsey websites but also got a few others I use, something to do when I am next bored so keep an eye out!

2 February 2008

Beauty Junkie

OK, I admit it. I am a beauty junkie. I own far more makeup than I need (although I do wear it all) & have everything from concealer to green glitter that I wear over emerald eyeshadow if I'm going out on the town. Most of it was acquired when I did a media & film makeup course in London & I've done some freelance wedding/party work since, anything to do with makeup immediately gets my attention.

So when I found about
E.L.F makeup I was very curious, everything costs £1.50, brushes, quad eyeshadows, everything. For that price you can't go wrong so I gave some of it a try (thinking if it was rubbish I'd write it off as such & give the bought stuff to little sister) when it arrived I was expecting horrible makeup that was chalky etc but none of it was.
In fact, the
natural radiance blusher in 'Glow' is more or less a double of NARS Orgasm blush (both below) & the all over colour stick is identical to NARS The Multiple but a lot cheaper!

I've already ordered some more stuff from there. It's brilliant & even better, it doesn't affect my skin (I have dry/sensitive skin so need to be careful)

For eyeshadows I don't think you can beat Barry M dazzle dusts, I have about 10 of them & they are the bees knees for pigment & staying power. They last forever & in my opinion, are much better than MAC pigments.
The best mascara I've used has been
Colour Trend Plump Out. It curls, thickens & seperates in one stroke & if you put more than two coats on you get a false lash effect, it's brilliant! Better than Lancome I think.

So this week I've bought the dazzle dusts in 'Blue Grey' & 'Old Gold', the mascara in black, E.L.F blush in glow, all over colour stick in 'Pink Lemonade' & 'Lilac Petal', all over colour stick concealer in 'Light' & 'Fair' & the custom eyes in 'Sage'. And they are all excellent.

And finally, you know those battery operated face massagers you can get? Like this;

I always thought they were rubbish & useless gimmicks but a friend of mine works for a company that manufactures them & got me a freebie one.
She gave it to me about 4 months ago now & I have to say, from the first day of using it it made my skin look amazing.

My skin is crystal clear, it glows & I can massage the face cream in now so it actually penetrates my skin & really moisturises it. Mine is a little noisy to use & I felt like a muppet the first few times but the good it has done my skin is worth it, I used to have problems with blackheads sometimes & nothing would help, until this came along.

So if you have skin problems, get one. I use mine night & morning to cleanse with face wash & the sponge/brush attachment (no need for exfoliator because the brush/sponge attachment does that for you) & then moisturise with the plastic attachment. As well as moisturising it massages so feels lovely.

The closest to mine I can find is this one from Tchibo. It's actually better than mine as it can be mains charged so I may order myself one for the price it is.

That's about it really, my addiction has been fed for a few weeks now! Lol.