26 May 2008


I'm still around, just not had much to write about. Going into hospital on Wednesday so won't be around for a week or so then either.

Afterwards may be a different matter though seeing as everyone is going to France for two weeks & A (best friend) is moving in while they're away. Apparently we should have a party..... I'm considering it. But I'm also considering hitting the town on a few evenings as well & going by previous nights out with her it could end up being quite 'interesting'. Lol

As I haven't yet put the link up, Metcountymounty has started a blog which makes good reading.

The Godiva ride was a success with over 20 riders taking part & over £5,000 was raised & donated donated to Maggies. I'm told on good authority that it was rather chilly but everyone enjoyed it & everyone dared to bare! I know of the girl in the centre of the picture with dark hair. Apparently, it was a lot of fun & all the horses behaved, which I think was a relief to each individual rider! Needless to say, The Sun did a far more revealing report (ATNS, your wish has been granted! Lol)
Well done to all the girls that took part.

Seeing as I won't be around for a while I'll leave you with this. It's so bad it's good. Yes, it is on my mp3 player & no, I'm not ashamed to admit it! (Even though I maybe should be very ashamed....!)


7 May 2008

Lady Godiva's Needed

Lady Godiva's are needed to do a mass ride through Hyde Park on May 19th at approximately 11am to raise money for cancer unit, Maggies Centre, Oxfordshire. The organiser, Vicky Jewson, has pledged to donate £5.00 per rider.

Personally, I would do it if my knees were ok for riding. BUT, I would stick the ends of my hair to my body & I would not be riding Sunny, I wouldn't trust her not to pratt about & dump me on the floor. She is the type to get a bit joggy & excitable if the mood takes her... Imagine falling off naked & then having to re-mount!!!!

I actually think it is an excellent idea, I just wonder how many men will be hanging around Hyde Park once they clap eyes on 30+ Lady Godivas'! Lol

Good luck to them all & I hope they raise a good sum for a very worthy cause.

If you want to donate or know somebody brave enough to do the ride then you can contact Vicy Jewson at - jewsonproductions@hotmail.com

Summer Sun

We've had four days of glorious sunshine here now, it is starting to feel very summery. I get my knees sorted in three weeks to the day so things are looking really positive at the moment.

My sister has got a working pupil placement at the yard we keep Sunny at. She starts at about 9 in the morning & usually finishes around 6ish, the Y.O* is really good though & is very flexible with her hours. It is unpaid but she is getting a lot out of it experience wise which is the most valuable thing. Everything from getting horses ready for lessons to being a groom at shows for the Y.O. It may sound slave labour-ish but in the equestrian world you start work for free/very low pay in return for experience and work your way up. The plus of this is Sunny is on free DIY livery as A is working there which means it's only her running costs I have to pay. Pretty good deal seeing as A is doing all the riding at the moment!

Every Friday late afternoon, after the lessons are over, the liveries, grooms & Y.O all get together for a ride up onto the Cotswold hills if the weather is good, the yard paddocks lead straight up onto the hills & the hacking is stunning. You don't have to go near a main road & once you get up there you can see all of Cheltenham right over as far as the Welsh Mountains if you're on Cleeve Hill. It's about a 3 hour ride, I have not done this for ages now & I'm so jealous, the weather has been glorious & I miss riding so much. There is a very quiet plod at the yard that is used for nervous beginners. After my knees are sorted & I'm off crutches after the op I'm seriously considering taking him out for a ride. He is guaranteed not to tank off or dump you on the ground. I never thought I'd miss it as much as I do. My boots, jods & hat are redundant at the moment & it would be so good to get back on a horse again....

I'm going away to Brighton in September to see a very good mate, I might also spend a few days in London & catch up with other mates seeing as I'm up that way.

Seeing as I won't be able to go back to work for a little while after my knees have been sorted I'm planning to re-take the GCSE's I didn't get such good marks in/couldn't do at the time. So the courses I have decided on are; Maths, English & Psychology. I have a choice of doing afternoon, full time or evening courses. At the moment I'm edging towards the afternoon one.Maths because I only got a B minus & I could do with some improvement in that area. English because it is always a good thing to have & it would be nice to get more than a B/C and Psychology because it has always fascinated me. I love working out the brain & why people are like they are, etc etc.

After that I'm looking at getting a part/full time office job & then towards the end of the year, moving out. Home is a bit much sometimes & even if it is just a room in a houseshare I will be quite happy.

A few other very positive things going on too so lots to aim for this Summer/Autumn/Winter, whether it will all come together is another thing but trying can't do any harm.

*Y.O - Yard Owner.

4 May 2008


...by Thoughts Running Through My Head. I won't tag anyone but feel free to do it if you want :o).

Hmmm, seven random facts, harder than it first seemed!

1. I find heels more comfortable than flats & walk better in heels.

2. I'm the only person I know that can get drunk on two glasses of wine but will be stone cold sober after 6 J.D & cokes.

3. I have been to the cinema a grand total of twice in my whole life (shameful, but that's what you get for growing up in a family of 9. It would have cost a fortune for us all to go! And we lived in the country so it was easier not to go really. Lol) Once for Calendar Girls & the other for Collateral.

4. I would rather have music than T.V.

5. I am a proper country girl at heart & my heart will always be in The Cotswolds.

6. I've lived in a haunted house & seen/heard/felt the ghosts that used to haunt it.

7. I absolutely hate eating out. I actively avoid it & would far rather have a pizza at home (I am such a cheap date! Lol)

And after reading that back, I sound like a bit of a freak! Ah well, better to stand out than blend in. :o)

Black & Gold

Hello! I've been very quiet lately, mainly because there has been nothing to say, well, there has but I don't want to put it on here.
Soooo.... Here's another music video

I love this. Brilliant & a really good video too. And it would be excellent to dance to while you're out. It's fair to say it's definitely on my most played at the moment, can't wait for more from Mr. Sparro :o)