26 November 2008

Shoppers Beware

Strop is now officially in work. She has given up her slave labour job at a local yard & is now working in a supermarket. I opted out of applying for this job as she spotted it first & in the highly unlikely event I got offered the position, I'd have felt guilty.
I am such a good sister! :-p

So far she has completed three days of her training. Three days. For a supermarket job. Just how much training does it take to stack shelves, take (apparently you are not allowed to just direct them) customers to the requested product aisle & product & food pick for internet orders?
A monkey of average intelligence could do it. Which is handy because one of her co-workers looks exactly like a trained chimp. Complete with gormless expression & lank hair. Nice!
Strop on the other hand just has the unpredictability of a trained chimp.

When she intitally applied for this job it stated that she would not be working with the public. Now she has turned up for the training she has been told that the job description was slightly wrong & it does involve being on the shop floor sometimes. She doesn't mind at all but I sense problems & bloodshed.

Something along the lines of;

Tannoy - "could we please have a cleaner to aisle 13 please as there appears to have been a major spillage of claret. Caution advised as there also appears to be a deranged shop monkey on the loose"

Fortunately it's highly unlikely that she will bludgeon somebody with a organic frozen leg of lamb but with her moods, you never can be quite sure.
Personally, I wouldn't trust her with cutlery some days but that's my personal opinion.

She has delicate looks & looks very meek & mild.
This is extremely mis-leading as she has been known to give our younger sister a nosebleed by slapping her.
Granted, Mini-Me was being a total wind up merchant & the aim was off but even so, Mini-Me was 10 & Strop was 17 just. That is just plain playing dirty. Yes, Strop got her ear bent & grounded for the nosebleed/slap.

I'm also slightly disappointed as she does get staff discount but only after she has been there for 6 months. This is quite annoying as I had the latest Killers album earmarked. It does mean though that 6 months from now, she will be able to get my copy of Horse & Hound on the cheap. This is only fair as I barely get chance to look at it before I have to retrieve it from her room.

She has been given a shiny new gaudy uniform of manmade materials & shiny new name badge which simply says "My name is Strop". I think they should have added "Approach with caution. My name is Strop & I am liable to be unreasonably prickly &/or sulky & unhelpful"

I am being overly harsh here as she is perfectly polite & nice to everyone except her family so will probably be the Managers favourite by the end of the week. Which is a thought as she is still not too old for adoption I don't think.

I'd be more tempted to sell her personally but;

A. That is slightly illegal.

B. To make the advert appealing I'd have to lie my backside (of which there is more than I'd like at the moment so that's a lot of lying) off & so would be done under the Trade Descriptions Act anyway.

C. Nobody would be stupid enough to part with their hard earned cash in these stricken times for a volatile & moody ratbag like Strop.


20 November 2008

Share & Share Alike.....

Which is all well & good. I don't mind loaning my sisters some of my clothing if they ask, look after what they've borrowed & return it.

The rules changed a few months ago with Mini-Me (the youngest sister) because she took it on herself to take a silk skirt of mine, dance around in it in her room & then somehow rip the seam on the waistband from end to end. Then hide it in the back of the airing cupboard.... I was not amused! Although it has to be said, fair play for the almost convincing 'I'm not guilty at all' face.
Luckily the damage was repairable or she'd still be paying me back now.

So now I just have Strop (the moody 17 year old) asking to borrow things. I don't mind this because she looks after whatever I lend her & the fact it's a weekly occurence it would get boring saying no all the time.
The only things that are off limits are shoes (because they are 5 & 4 sizes bigger than me respectively) & underwear for obvious reasons.

This was until last week when I went up to Mini-Me's & Strop's room to reclaim a few items & beg, borrow or steal (I am the oldest, the rules are different ;o) ) a pair of tights. There I am searching through Strop's chest of drawers when what do I come across? Four, (yes four!) of my bras.
The cheeky mare had taken it on herself to raid my underwear drawers for some bras as she had forgotten to put hers in the wash & in her words, "Well, it's not like you're going to notice four missing when you have about 50. *sulky look*".

1. I did notice but thought maybe they were still going through the wash cycle.
2. How on earth she managed to make them fit is a mystery to me because she is a size bigger than I am.
3. The cheeky little tart refused to take off the one she was wearing at the time. Of mine.

Still, revenge is sweet as I have told her she will end up with saggy boobs before she is twenty for wearing the wrong sized bra. She believed me. *smirk*.

Yes, yes, it was evil but she deserved it!

All through this unfolding Mini-Me was sat there spilling all, adding helpful comments & goading things along. And laughing her head off at the bits she found amusing. And after me telling Strop that she will end up with saggy boobs, Mini-Me decided to helpfully add "Haha! That means you'll need boob surgery! Otherwise you will have knee knockers! Hahaha!"

Luckily Strop had the good sense to leave my nice stuff alone but even so, nicking my bras?! I wasn't best pleased but told her that if she did it again, she is on mucking out duty for the whole of next Winter while Sunny is stabled.
This is serious business as Sunny box walks which means she tramples everything everywhere.

A truce has been reached ;o)

11 November 2008

Never Forget

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep,
though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

May we never forget or lose respect for those that laid down their lives for our freedom.

2 November 2008

Clothes Horse

I do tend to post a lot of fashion stuff on here. Whether that be shoes, lingerie or clothing, a lot of it gets posted. The things is, because of the price of most of it it ends up on my never ending & ever growing wishlist & so I don't actually buy a lot of it. Not £500 corsets & £300 pairs of boots anyway!

After much procrastination I have finally got round to sorting through my wardrobe. The things I wear, the things I no longer wear & the stuff that is just pointless. I'm sure you know the thing, the baggy tops & old t-shirts that are fine for bumming around in but then get past even that & end up at the back of the wardrobe, never quite making it to the rag bin.

So, after getting rid of about 25% of my wardrobe contents I, being a woman, went & filled it back up again.....

In my defence it is smart stuff & the fact I have got money from my Gran, a bit of my own money & at their offering, early Christmas money from a relative meant I could make the most of the pre-Christmas sales.

So the goodies are as follows;

Horseshoe print playsuit. I know it looks a bit like a babygrow but it is freezing here lately & it is cosy, cosy, cosy to sit around in of an evening. The horse shoes played no part in the decision to purchase, obviously.....

Chiffon flower print blouse. Will work with jeans for casual & black trousers with a dark grey or black vest top underneath for smart.

White detail top. Again, good for work or play. And the brilliant price of £3.00. Thank God for sales!

Snoopy T-shirt from Tammy Girl (I know, I know....but their stuff fits!) for no other reason than it's fun & I liked it. And again, it was a sale bargain. Actually, all of it is sale bargains.

Because I'm still in love with the tartan trend. Would look great with jeans, skirts or smart trousers, with or without a vest top underneath & the shorts/tights combination, with or without a fitted black waistcoat with the ruffles on display. I love it!

Chiffon skirt. It's pretty, feminine, floaty & equally good for Summer or Winter.

Chiffon blouse. Smart or casual wear with a vest top underneath.

Pintuck shirt. Another Tammy buy & the sort of thing I've been needing for ages but never found the right one.

Horseshoe print pyjamas. Realllly soft & cosy!

Yet another Tammy buy. Purely because it's fun & obviously, I am indeed magic! It's what I like to tell myself anyway :p

This silk playsuit. I adore it, it is so lovely & the amazing price of £10.00 instead of £65.00.

Peacock feather & bead necklace. Pretty & unique.

Butterfly print chiffon/silk blouse. Smart or casual, feminine & pretty.

Horse long necklace.
Because you can take the girl away from horses, but you can't take horses away from the girl.

And my favourite of all is this;

A silk mix (I think) tea dress. Soooo pretty & floaty. It was love at first sight & another massively reduced item.

I'm really pleased as I now have some much needed smart stuff. And it was all under £95.00 which I think makes it all a brilliant buy :o)
It also means I am off shopping for the next 6 months! Lol