15 January 2009


It was absolutely freezing here last week. I woke up to snow on Monday morning & it didn't shift until Wednesday time. Most nights last week hit -10 with the warmest being -8/-9 I think. It was very, very cold & for me to say that, it must have been bad as I don't feel the cold.

Anyway, I was speaking to a friend about this early part of last week & what arrived in the post a few days later?


A fluffy hot water bottle cover! Complete with teddy bear. Lol.

I have to say, I was very surprised as for a man, that is quite a thoughtful & relevant gift. And it was a really, really, sweet thing to do.

And I love it :o)

The only problem is, I now have to watch where I leave it as Sam is intent on trying to 'kill' it....

I'm not sure that's better or worse than my sisters trying to 'borrow' it at every opportunity!

1 comment:

dickiebo said...

This is an old one.
Page 23 of the Manual reads; "How to get into bed with....."!!!!! lol.
Be afraid. Be very afraid!