4 February 2009

Fingers Crossed

My job prospects at the moment are dismal. I am getting nowhere & I am sick & tired of applying for jobs, knowing I could do them but being turned down. I have come to the conclusion that the biggest reason for this is a few large gaps in my employment history from the age of 17 to now. People want to know why & once I explain it was due to health issues that no longer affect me, they seem to get it lodged in their head that I will not be a viable option in their company. Which maddens me. They don't actually say that is why but they know & I know that that is the reason I am getting turned down for work. I am absolutely sick of having nothing to do apart from fill my time with ordianry daily stuff. Even hobbies get wearing if they're all you have to do.

How on earth people can remain unemployed & enjoy dossing off of the state rather than making efforts to get into work, I really do not know.

The Jobcentre is worse than useless & I am sure it is there for appearances only.

I could go to college but I don't want to spend time there on a course that I am only going to do to fill my time, gain a qualification or certificate at the end of it that I neither need or want & have the knowledge that completing a college course was a complete waste of my time.

So, I have set my thoughts on doing some voluntary work. Ultimately, I want to work for the Police Force in some capacity & so I'm aiming on volunteering for projects & charities that will help me with that aim.

So far the charities/organisations I've come up with are;

Womens Aid.

Citizens Advice Bureau.

Rape Crisis.

Gloucestershire Youth Offending Team.

They're all pretty challenging, I know that. And I don't know if I'd actually be any use or help but I can at least try & find out. They're all things I feel quite strongly about & all things I'd love to help with. I know it won't change the world but even small changes are good so if I can help with that, I'll be happy.
Although I don't know if I'd be any good I'm pretty sure that emotionally, I'd be able to stand up to it. I know I'm a good listener & I know that I'm objective with things & I have the ability to see things from both sides but also, to remain neutral. I know I can remain controlled in situations & it takes a lot for me to get heated or wound up. That's the basics covered at least.

Womens Aid - I feel strongly about domestic violence & I'd love to think I was doing something to help with or prevent it. The only thing with it is I'm not sure how suitable I'd be or whether I'd actually be any good at it.

Citizens Advice Bureau - A bit of everything & they do a scheme for 16-25 year old volunteers. It isn't my first choice but I'd be happy doing it.

Rape Crisis - One of my top two choices. A really difficult subject but from what they say they require of volunteers, something which I think I could handle. The biggest concern of mine would be that I'd be absolutely useless and of no help at all but they do provide you with training (obviously) so I am guessing that would go a long way towards helping you deal with situations in the right way.
I'd just be worried that someone would call & I'd either say the wrong thing or they went away feeling the same or worse than before they called. I'd hate that.
But I'm certain that they wouldn't throw their volunteers in head first to sink or swim when it's such an emotive subject to deal with.

Youth Offending Team - Along with Rape Crisis, my top choice. It would open my eyes to a lot & I'll probably become quite cynical but alos, the idea of it really appeals to me. I've even gone so far as to track down one of their contacts & asked a friend to help me compose an email to them.
I have the choice of phoning or emailing & I think I'd come across better if I emailed. I really would love the opportunity to do it & so I'd get flustered on the phone which probably isn't the best image to put across!

Rape Crisis require 2-12 hours per week from their volunteers & some groups ask for a minimum of six months voluntary work. Which is fine as even if I took on a full time job, I could still manage 2 - 5 hours per week.

Youth Offending Team seems to be more complex in that there are different avenues to go down so I need to ask a lot of questions about it but I am really keen to give it a go. It really does appeal to me.
And no, I am under no illusion that they will all be misunderstood cherubs who got in with the wrong crowd but at the same time, I'm pretty sure they won't all turn out to be wannabe crims-for-life either.

So, keep your fingers crossed for me please.
And keep them crossed harder than you all did when I winged my Police Application in, because look what happened there!


Kaiser Bill said...



dickiebo said...

"Keep your fingers crossed harder than you did for..........."
Well. Sometimes we have to be cruel to be kind!! lol.

Girl*Next*Door said...

Cheers KB :o)

And as for the trollop comment.... I do wonder sometimes why I put myself through the abuse by being your mate! ;o) Lol

Lol Dickiebo! You'll have to do more than that to change my mind :o)

Kaiser Bill said...


this one is comprehensive!


KB said...


sorry, the link is so long I've split it cos it doesnt show in the original post

Annette said...

Voluntary work will help you. When you go for an interview and tell them you are working voluntary until you find a job, it will help you, I'm sure.

Area Trace No Search said...

Why not apply for the Police as a copper again?

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Tagged you babe x

Mr Jones said...

... couldn't just be that you can't get employment because you are so obviously dumb?

What ever happened to the planned police career?

Girl*Next*Door said...

Mr Jones, you could well be right! Then again, it could be down to the economic climate & living in a small town where job cuts ae becoming increasingly common.

The planned police career is still in the pipeline. Just thank your lucky stars you don't have such complications preventing you from following your chosen career path.

Everyone else, thanks :o)

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Noddy said...

From your list the most topical and buzzworthy is the youth offending team. Good luck.

Annette said...

There is something for you on my blog, please have a look

Ing said...

They're good ideas there and will certainly look good on any future aplication. Have you not thought about applying to be a PCSO though?

thoughts running through my head.... said...

where are you?You ok?

cogidubnus said...

Hon...you ok?

Area Trace No Search said...

Have you had any luck yet?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous? Why cant i put my name on here...pah, bloody computers..

anyway, if youre stuck for a job, you could always become a PCSO?



Ranting Teacher said...

Well good luck to you in pursuing your career. You seem to be doing the right things. Yet it does seem so random - a good friend of mine wanted desperately to join the police. She failed on the physical fitness tests too often and gave up. Yet when I hear of past pupils who have joined up, I wonder how on earth they slipped through the net: one in particular had such anger management "issues" that it is quite a horrifying thought that he is now a bobby on the beat...