25 April 2009


I have quite a few bugbears but poor personal hygiene is one of the biggest. Especially when it's as warm as it has been lately.

I had to get the bus in to town yesterday & it was breezy but still rather warm, & warmer still on the bus.
A few minutes in to the journey this humongous woman got on with her partner & little girl. Now, when I say humongous I mean HUGE! She took up more than half of one of the double seats & of course, decided to sit in front of me (I swear these people do it on purpose.).

The second she sat down my nostrils were assaulted with a vile, stale smell. What I call a 'beddy' smell. Really nasty.
Not only was she giving off this disgusting smell but to aid matters, she was wearing a thick cardi type jumper. Why?! In this weather!

And then I noticed her hair..... By this point I was trying to avoid breathing as much as possible because it was making me gag. There was nowhere else to sit as most of the seats were taken up & I didn't want to jump from the frying pan in to the fire.....

Anyway, her hair.... It was patently obvious it hadn't been washed in at least three days. It was lank & greasy at the roots & you could see the rest of the longer strands beginning to stick together with the grease. Disgusting.
Her skin was all greasy & spotty & she just looked grimy.

I realise we aren't in the strongest of financial times & I realise there are a lot of people stretched for cash. But that still doesn't give you an excuse to be dirty!

At my local supermarket, the shampoo, conditioner & shower gel in their budget range cost around 17p - 29p a bottle. This means you can have all the basics for less than £1.00 & under £2.00 if you include face wash & body puff.

So that means the initial outlay would be around £2.00 with an ongoing monthly cost of about 95p if you stuck to the budget range. So no matter if she was superbly stretched for money, everyone can afford that a month.

So why on earth go around smelling like a tramp?! It is just disgusting. Why don't people bother?! I wouldn't come downstairs looking like that let alone go out looking & smelling like that!

Even if her shower was broken or she had no water, I'm sure she has friends & relatives.

It is just so foul & unecessary.

Rant over..... I just don't at all understand people who let their personal hygiene go. It's disgusting.

I feel like I'm turning into a whingeing old woman but honestly, it wasn't pleasant....


Dark Side said...

I completely agree with you and I would like to bet good odds on her still being able to buy a scratchcard or two at the supermarket everytime she goes in.

That is one of my bugbears, stood at the cig kiosk waiting endlessly while they buy up all the scratchcards they can afford or not as the case me be....with their dirty clothes and dirty kids......urghhh..xx

Noddy said...

But have you seen her bathroom? Some I see would definitely make you gag!

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Hey hun, I've tagged you on my blog x

brown eyed girl said...

lol.. I totally agree with you there, theres no excuse just cant be bothered to wash..yuck
Perhaps she wanted to make sure she got the whole seat and nobody dared to sit next to her..
This made me giggle all the way through...

Kaiser Bill said...

I washed last month....it was quite an experience, let me tell you!
I know what you mean about greasy hair sticking, so I gut mine off