20 May 2009

Lost In Translation

It appears my sister is a bit on the dense side. Or maybe more than 'a bit' & more like 'quite a lot'!
This is the (recently turned) 18 year old sister.

A few weeks ago she told me she wanted to buy some of this bread she'd tried & the conversation went like this;

Strop; I had this lush bread the other day. I'm going to buy some.

Me; Oh, what bread was it?

Strop; Ermmm, panny bread I think it is? Yeah, definitely panny bread.

Me; What bread?

Strop; Panny bread. Haven't you heard of it?

Me; Erm, no.

Strop; Yeah, you know! That bread that they make those sandwiches with in Subway? They do the sandwich & then they grill it.

Me; OH! You mean Panini?!

Strop; Oh, is it called Panini?! I wondered why the Subway man gave me a funny look when I got my lunch the other day.

Me; *shakes head & grins* And Strop, Panini isn't a type of a bread, it's a grilled sandwich. You need Ciabatta bread.

I mean honestly, panny bread!
And that's not all sadly... She came into my room earlier & was very adamant that she wanted to buy some peripherals.....

Strop; I'm going to Asda next week. Will you come?

Me; I don't know. Maybe.

Strop; I really want to go, please come? Anyway, they've got peripherals for a pound a box.

Me; Peripherals? *confused look*

Strop; Yeah, you know those things that are filled with cream?

Me; ????

Strop; Oh you know! They're little balls that are filled with cream & they've got chocolate caps on?

Me; You mean Profiteroles?

Strop; Oh. Well the lady on the advert called them peripherals!

Me; *stops giggling* I'm sure she didn't Strop. I think it's more like your 'problem' rearing it's head again.... She's hardly likely to call Profiteroles 'peripherals' now is she? Especially on National TV.

Strop; She might! *goes red & laughs like a hyena*

I don't know if this problem of hers is exclusive to Foriegn food or just food in general but I am not going grocery shopping with her!