20 May 2009

Lost In Translation

It appears my sister is a bit on the dense side. Or maybe more than 'a bit' & more like 'quite a lot'!
This is the (recently turned) 18 year old sister.

A few weeks ago she told me she wanted to buy some of this bread she'd tried & the conversation went like this;

Strop; I had this lush bread the other day. I'm going to buy some.

Me; Oh, what bread was it?

Strop; Ermmm, panny bread I think it is? Yeah, definitely panny bread.

Me; What bread?

Strop; Panny bread. Haven't you heard of it?

Me; Erm, no.

Strop; Yeah, you know! That bread that they make those sandwiches with in Subway? They do the sandwich & then they grill it.

Me; OH! You mean Panini?!

Strop; Oh, is it called Panini?! I wondered why the Subway man gave me a funny look when I got my lunch the other day.

Me; *shakes head & grins* And Strop, Panini isn't a type of a bread, it's a grilled sandwich. You need Ciabatta bread.

I mean honestly, panny bread!
And that's not all sadly... She came into my room earlier & was very adamant that she wanted to buy some peripherals.....

Strop; I'm going to Asda next week. Will you come?

Me; I don't know. Maybe.

Strop; I really want to go, please come? Anyway, they've got peripherals for a pound a box.

Me; Peripherals? *confused look*

Strop; Yeah, you know those things that are filled with cream?

Me; ????

Strop; Oh you know! They're little balls that are filled with cream & they've got chocolate caps on?

Me; You mean Profiteroles?

Strop; Oh. Well the lady on the advert called them peripherals!

Me; *stops giggling* I'm sure she didn't Strop. I think it's more like your 'problem' rearing it's head again.... She's hardly likely to call Profiteroles 'peripherals' now is she? Especially on National TV.

Strop; She might! *goes red & laughs like a hyena*

I don't know if this problem of hers is exclusive to Foriegn food or just food in general but I am not going grocery shopping with her!


Noddy said...

Like, I like it. But try this on for size. Some folk jist spik funny.

Ing said...

Excellent, that's just too funny. Bless 'em.

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

That is so funny!

cogidubnus said...

Hurry back hon!

Girl*Next*Door said...

Hmmm, funny but also embarassing! Lol

Cogi; I shall be back posting soon. Lack of internet access at the moment is preventing me from blogging. Otherwise all is well :o)