31 August 2009


I am disgusted with my brother.

A few weeks ago I blogged about him having a baby with his girlfriend & how in some way or another he would cock it up. I wasn't wrong.

My mum phoned C (his girlfriend) last night to find out exactly what was going on & whether L (my brother) was actually telling the truth about things. According to him C has changed & has kicked him out of their flat for no reason.

It's all lies.

First off my brother has lost his job which he isn't too bothered about because apparently, if you're not in work you don't have to pay CSA..... Right, whatever.

Secondly, after C told him he needs to get his act together he decided he'd creep downstairs during the night, take her car keys out of her bag & go out drinking. Except on the way back he crashed C's car & has almost written it off. He was breathalysed by the police & found to be well over the limit so I would imagine that little episode would add up to quite a few offences.

Barely a day later C found a text on my brother's phone saying "Thank you for what you've done for me. I love you so much". Naturally, C was very suspicious of this text & phoned the number. A girl answered & apparently, she loves my brother & the only reason he went to the scan with C was because this girl told him to.
This girl is 15. He says he hasn't been sleeping with her but he lies as easily as he breathes.
When he says he's been out with friends he has actually been with this girl.

I am absolutely disgusted with him & to be honest, I am ashamed to be his sister. C is carrying his child & he has put her through hell but has the audacity to say she is being unreasonable & 'doesn't understand him'!

Apparently, he is too young to be a dad... Well, tough because he was more than capable of using contraception on both occasions but chose not to.

I have also been told by him that I should feel sorry for him as he is in such trouble with the police. It was as much as I could do to hold my tongue & simply tell him he needs to grow up fast.

It's all about him & how he feels & how this is affecting him. C doesn't seem to matter & neither does his baby son or unborn child. All of whom he does not deserve & who are far too good for him.

Oh, & the other excuse for all this? "Dad was never there for me". Oh yes, because he's the only one dad was never there for!

My brother is a grown man but is behaving like a 12 year old. I can't bring myself to speak to him on the phone because I am so disgusted with him & his 'woe is me' attitude.

The pathetic thing is, I don't think losing C bothers him that much. For some ridiculous reason he thinks that because he is good looking he can always do better.

17 August 2009


About 3/3.5 years ago now we had a a boy from Saudi come & stay with us. He was studying English as he wanted to go in to medicine. He was with us for 11 months & became part of the family.
At first it was very difficult for him as he just didn't understand various things in this country. He is a Muslim & so struggled with some parts of the English culture.
He couldn't understand why we needed so many police officers & especially why we needed so many prisons & was astounded when we told him that our prisons were full to bursting.
He was more than a little bit surprised when he saw what most girls would wear out in town of an evening too.

So he did struggle for a little while to settle in to the British way of life & as a family we realised this & tried to make him feel as comfortable as possible.
There were many amusing moments (he'd never seen a radiator before he'd come to stay with us & had no idea what they were or why we'd need them. Come the middle of Winter he was turning the heating up to almost maximum as he felt cold nearly all the time!)

After the 11 months with us I had a really good friendship with him & it was difficult saying goodbye to him as because he was a strict Muslim, he is not allowed physical contact with any female outside of his immediate family.)

We stayed in touch with him for a few months but didn't hear anything from him & just thought that he had his own life to lead & was probably studying hard.

About three weeks ago I got a strange number come up on my caller display & I don't like answering strange calls. Particularly when it is 10/11 at night & so I text this number to ask who it was & it turned out to be our old student.
He's spent the last 3 years or so trying to track us down. He couldn't find me on Facebook. We'd moved house & so our old number wasn't in use. Somehow, he'd saved my email address wrongly & he had no idea where we might be.
By utter chance he found my mobile number in one of his old student notebooks.

He's now studying in Brighton & apparently, his host family there are nowhere near as lovely to live with as we are (he obviously has a strange taste in host families!) & he was so pleased at having tracked us down he travelled down from London on Sunday morning, after seeing U2 at Wembley on the Saturday night, spent a few hours with us & then had to get the train back to London & then on to Brighton.

He is still as lovely as I remember but he's lost his boyish looks & grown in to a man. He's become a lot more Westernised & whereas before, I couldn't even shake his hand, this time he gave me, my sisters & my mum a hug goodbye.
He also bought me a CD compilation that he knew I'd like (he remembered my taste in music) & a perfume for my mum that he went to the effort to smell rather than just buy the prettiest bottle!

His family have invited us over to stay with them in Saudi which I'd like to do. I'd just be really worried about offending anyone or doing something that would offend their Country or culture.
His mother epsecially thinks A was spoilt with us. She wrote a letter to us after A's stay & thanked the family for making him feel so welcome & for looking after him so well. Too well apparently as he expected the same when he got back home & was rudely awakened by his mother telling him he was back to reality now & no longer on holiday which was rather amusing to hear.

It was just so lovely to see him again & know that he is well & is doing well with his studies. He goes back to Jeddah this week so he found us just in time as he's unlikely to be back in England for at least another two years.
He lived with us for so long that he has become a second brother to me & has become part of the family & it is fantastic that everything is working out for him as he'd hoped. He's far too nice for it to go pear shaped.

13 August 2009


I feel quite old after a recent little event. As I don't drive at the moment my usual method of transport is the bus & fairly often when I'm waiting at the bus stop, I get people strike up a conversation with me (I obviously must have that vibe because it never happens to my sister).

A few days ago I was waiting for the bus to come along as usual when this boy came & sat next to me. And started chatting me up. All well & good except he was all of 16 years old!
He was actually really sweet & well mannered & was chatting about general stuff & then started flirting. And then, amongst other conversation, he asked me how old I was so I told him.
He didn't believe me.

He thought I was about 17 & more or less said I was fibbing!!!
Apparently he didn't mind if I was older than him but according to him, I definitely did not look 23 & he didn't believe I was that age.

As if it's not bad enough being chatted up by a boy younger than your own brother, he then thinks I'm several years younger than I actually am!

I was stunned & embarrassed in equal measure. Lol.
I have only told two friends as everyone else would laugh their heads off if they found out!

2 August 2009


Why is it the men with 'issues' always seem to track me down? Why is it I never get talking to a nice, sane, man with a decent sense of humour & no hang ups?!

I haven't had a proper relationship since Mr. S & I'm fast feeling like it's never going to happen again. Because of this my 'wonderful' friends decided to set me up with someone who I don't know but is a friend of a friend type thing. This was a few months ago now & to begin with, it was OK. He has the same interest in horses (plus point. I've had a boyfriend get jealous of my horse which is worrying & hysterical in equal measure) he is older than me by a few years or so but nothing major. So I decided that yes, I'd go for a few drinks with him & see what happened. I did point out to him that I wasn't entirely sure if I actually wanted a relationship & was more of the opinion it would be better to see how things go & he agreed.

So as I said, we went for a drink or two & stayed in touch via text & phone because at the time, my time was tied up with things going on with family & a housemove as well as a very good friend of mine having a bad time with things & needing a bit of support. Previous to even meeting this man my friends set me up with I'd organised a weekend to spend with the above mentioned friend.
I fully hold my hands up & admit that this friend is an ex boyfriend. He is the only ex boyfriend I've kept in touch with & I absolutely do not see why I should give up a perfectly good friend because of somebody else's jealousy. Especially when this friendship is ONLY a friendship & he is one of my most trusted friends.

I have two major thorns in my side concerning this man my friends have set me up with.

A. If he'd sent me a text in the afternoon which I hadn't replied to by mid evening, he'd send me another 3 or 4 texts asking what was wrong, where was I etc etc.
Er, hello! But I do have my own life & I do like my independence & I don't see how he feels he has the right to question me about that especially when the only commitment I've ever made to him is to have two dates with him.
Even if I'm in a relationship I don't see that as a valid reason for living in your partners pocket & I am the sort of person who enjoys my own time & doing my own thing as well as spending time with a partner. Just because I have my own interest doesn't mean I don't have a time for a partner & just because I'm in a relationship, doesn't mean I should give up my all of my independence & things I enjoy doing. It's easy enough to divide time between the two.

B. When I said that I wouldn't be around a certain weekend because I was spending it with my friend all I got was 20 questions.

Oh. It's a he?
Who is he?
Where does he live?
Is he an ex boyfriend then? I am slightly ashamed to say that I lied at this point & said no, he was just a friend & I do realise that is no way to inspire trust in someone but there was no way I was going to tell him the truth because I didn't want one question after another, I didn't want an argument & I didn't want to end up telling him to F off because that is most certainly what would have happened if I'd have told him the truth.
How old is he?
What does he do for a job?
Is he married?
Does he have a girlfriend?
Is he gay?

All of those questions just because I'd arranged to spend a weekend with my friend before I even knew this man my friends had set me up with even existed.
He is a grown man. What is with all the questions & the insecurity?!

I could understand the questions if things were of a more official 'boyfriend & girlfriend' nature & I could accept his point of view that you wouldn't want your new girlfriend going to spend a weekend with her ex. But as things were nowhere near that stage & I'd only gone for two or three drinks with him then I couldn't & wouldn't accept the questioning & the insecurity.

And the result of the above is that things are stalemate. I won't accept his offer of any more dates & he won't accept that actually, I'm only interested in friends.

I don't know why I seem to come across such idiots. It's not even like I want anything unreasonable from a man.
But then again, maybe it is me & maybe what I think isn't unreasonable is actually asking quite a lot from someone. I don't know but I really cannot be doing with being held to account for every movement I make & every person I see. My life's ambition is most definitely not to end up living with the Gestappo.

Rant over ;o)

Charlie Owen - Bravo Jubilee

I've just finished reading this & it had me laughing out loud nearly all the way through. Which is not so good when it's the dead of night or you're on public transport as you tend to look like a bit of a muppet but for something amusing to read that also has some depth & grit, I don't think it can be beaten.

It's maybe not what you'd give your mum to read but I enjoyed it hugely. Apart from the pig scene maybe...... Even though I've heard that pigs will eat everything, it still had my stomach shuddering a bit!

And I've just looked on Amazon & seen that the next book in the series, Two Tribes, is due for realease in December 2009 which means my Christmas reading material is sorted. Which is handy as it may just stop me from dangling my bratty sister out of the third floor window!

Anyway, if you haven't read any of Charlie Owen's books then start now because I guarantee you will enjoy them :o).

1 August 2009

Note To Self

When listening to your mp3 player remind yourself that what you say is louder than you think. Especially when you're walking in to the local shop with your sister as a (rather fit) man walks out & you say "Oooh" to his departing back because he might just hear you. And turn round and notice that you are blatantly eyeing up his rear end.
And your blush makes it blatantly obvious it was you that passed comment & not your sister.
And the wink you recieve from him will turn you a deeper shade of red than you already are.

To be fair to myself, I am an eyes & bum girl when it comes to men & he not only had the most stunning eyes, they were so green they were almost emerald, but also a nice bum.
But I was still mightily embarrassed at being caught in the act of mild perving! Lol