31 August 2009


I am disgusted with my brother.

A few weeks ago I blogged about him having a baby with his girlfriend & how in some way or another he would cock it up. I wasn't wrong.

My mum phoned C (his girlfriend) last night to find out exactly what was going on & whether L (my brother) was actually telling the truth about things. According to him C has changed & has kicked him out of their flat for no reason.

It's all lies.

First off my brother has lost his job which he isn't too bothered about because apparently, if you're not in work you don't have to pay CSA..... Right, whatever.

Secondly, after C told him he needs to get his act together he decided he'd creep downstairs during the night, take her car keys out of her bag & go out drinking. Except on the way back he crashed C's car & has almost written it off. He was breathalysed by the police & found to be well over the limit so I would imagine that little episode would add up to quite a few offences.

Barely a day later C found a text on my brother's phone saying "Thank you for what you've done for me. I love you so much". Naturally, C was very suspicious of this text & phoned the number. A girl answered & apparently, she loves my brother & the only reason he went to the scan with C was because this girl told him to.
This girl is 15. He says he hasn't been sleeping with her but he lies as easily as he breathes.
When he says he's been out with friends he has actually been with this girl.

I am absolutely disgusted with him & to be honest, I am ashamed to be his sister. C is carrying his child & he has put her through hell but has the audacity to say she is being unreasonable & 'doesn't understand him'!

Apparently, he is too young to be a dad... Well, tough because he was more than capable of using contraception on both occasions but chose not to.

I have also been told by him that I should feel sorry for him as he is in such trouble with the police. It was as much as I could do to hold my tongue & simply tell him he needs to grow up fast.

It's all about him & how he feels & how this is affecting him. C doesn't seem to matter & neither does his baby son or unborn child. All of whom he does not deserve & who are far too good for him.

Oh, & the other excuse for all this? "Dad was never there for me". Oh yes, because he's the only one dad was never there for!

My brother is a grown man but is behaving like a 12 year old. I can't bring myself to speak to him on the phone because I am so disgusted with him & his 'woe is me' attitude.

The pathetic thing is, I don't think losing C bothers him that much. For some ridiculous reason he thinks that because he is good looking he can always do better.


Baglady said...

You've done well not to lamp him. Siblings are so frustrating.

brown eyed girl said...

I bet you feel like picking him up and shaking him. Sadly it seems to be acceptable nowadays, my neice gets me like that constantly.
By the sounds of it C will be better off in the long run..
He should count himself lucky he didnt hurt himself or someone else in that car.. it could have been much worse.
I hope C will be ok and find some happiness..

cogidubnus said...

Oh dear GND... it is as we feared... I do sympathise... I never had that problem from my only sibling ... but thereagain he's gay!

Seriously though, we've had some delinquencies from our kids down the years, (it happens), but nothing QUITE like that (perhaps we've been lucky) ...

The odd problems we HAVE had though, teach me that in most cases, there comes a point where you have to pull back and let them sink or swim... for their own good...

For gods sake don't let yourself be manoeuvered into a position between your brother and the rest of your family...if he's a skilled operator (and it sounds like he is) he could easily end up cascading bad feeling onto YOUR shoulders...

Sage said...

It is a sad, sad world and probably he won't realise the damage he has done for years to come and by then it will be way too late for making amends.

C sounds like a strong lady, and hopefully the rest of the family will be there for her no matter what your brother does.

Girl*Next*Door said...

Baglady; If he lived closer I would have been sorely tempted to give him a slap. As it is, he had a verbal lashing instead.

B*E*G; C is certainly better off without him but she wants to make a go of things for the sake of his son & their unborn child.
It didn't enter his head that he could have hurt someone else while he was driving that car.
That made me even angrier.

Cogi; Lol!

The problem is with my brother is he has been given chance after chance & each time, he manages to blow it.
As a result of this nobody has much time for him anymore & I was very surprised when he brought C to meet the family. She is far & away too good for him.

He is a very skilled operator but I am very wise to his games & refuse to fall for the 'poor little misunderstood me' routine anymore.
I have told him straight what I think of him & how he dared to hurt C in such a way.
I am there for him but I don't sympathise with him. The problems he has are entirely of his own making & that is why I have no sympathy. He is more than old enough to realise that actions always have consequences.

Sage; I warned C what he was like & so did my mother. Not to put a downer on her relationship with him but to tell her to keep her eye on him. She thought at the time that we were being unfairly harsh...

C wants to make a go of things but she isn't letting him off lightly. I think it just sinking in what he could lose because of what he's done & he is trying to claw it back but I don't think he realises how hard he will have to work to regain C's trust.

All the family are there for C & there for my brother also but in vastly different ways.
C is a lovely, lovely girl & I think it helps that she has support from us & that we aren't overseen in my brother.

Thanks :o)