13 August 2009


I feel quite old after a recent little event. As I don't drive at the moment my usual method of transport is the bus & fairly often when I'm waiting at the bus stop, I get people strike up a conversation with me (I obviously must have that vibe because it never happens to my sister).

A few days ago I was waiting for the bus to come along as usual when this boy came & sat next to me. And started chatting me up. All well & good except he was all of 16 years old!
He was actually really sweet & well mannered & was chatting about general stuff & then started flirting. And then, amongst other conversation, he asked me how old I was so I told him.
He didn't believe me.

He thought I was about 17 & more or less said I was fibbing!!!
Apparently he didn't mind if I was older than him but according to him, I definitely did not look 23 & he didn't believe I was that age.

As if it's not bad enough being chatted up by a boy younger than your own brother, he then thinks I'm several years younger than I actually am!

I was stunned & embarrassed in equal measure. Lol.
I have only told two friends as everyone else would laugh their heads off if they found out!


dickiebo said...

Doesn't surprise me at all. I always said that you look about 16! (Honest!)

cogidubnus said...

Feel complimented by it hon... believe me it doesn't go on for ever!

Clearly dickiebo's seen something the rest of us haven't...but I have a huge weakness for redheads anyway (did I tell you I have a red-headed daughter?) and will take it on trust that you look altogether charming, youthful and adorable (creep creep!).

Metcountymounty said...

I had a similar 'i'm old' moment recently, we were driving down to the beach recently and my 11 year old niece starts humming the A-Team tune then broke out into "1...1...8....118..1..1..8.118" so I asked her why was singing that instead of the A-Team and she just said "who are they? That's just the 118 advert tune"


Girl*Next*Door said...

Dickie. You have no idea what I look like!
Unless you have a crystal ball :o)

Cogi, it was a compliment I guess but I did feel old...
Hmm. Youthful maybe but not sure about charming & adorable! :o)

MCM, Lol! I hate the bloomin' 118 adverts but I'm afraid I only know of the A-Team from nostalgic TV documentaries. So er, sorry for making you feel a bit older!
But I've just looked on Wiki & according to them, I was 2 when the last episode was aired so not a total surprise that I don't remember it.
I know the advert trend I do hate. DFS using some of my favourite songs on their rubbish adverts. It should be made illegal!

dickiebo said...


Girl*Next*Door said...

Yep! And proud of it! :-P