5 September 2009

Banksy Vs Bristol Museum

I was taken to see this last week & all I can say is it was amazing.
We got there at around 10.30am & didn't get in to the museum until 3.30pm. The queue was massive! There isn't much else that I'd even consider queueing for that amount of time to see but Banksy is not only iconic but also somebody who I think is a genuine artist. I find his art very amusing in most cases & I would have been kicking myself if I hadn't gone to see it. Especially as it is so close to me.

It did help that the person I went with was very good company & it certainly didn't feel like we'd spent five hours queueing.
I did feel kind of sorry for him on reflection though as I'm known for being a chatterbox.... Poor guy probably still has earache now!

We certainly didn't run out of conversation or get bored though so even the queueing was fun.
The only thing I did forget was to apply sunscreen properly before I went out. I was running late & the application was a bit hit & miss which is very unlike me as I have fair skin & burn fairly easily so I'm always conscious of the sun.

It was slightly overcast when I left with a bit of a chill in the air & then the minute we started queueing, the sun broke out & stayed out. Perfect weather as we had the sun but also a bit of a breeze.
The drawback of this is I now have a T-shirt shaped tan....! Worse, the T-shirt had slits down the back so my back is now faintly stripy... Not a look I'd recommend!

This link shows a little bit of what we saw :o)
There were some very good pictures on Banksy's website but they've been taken off.

If you have the opportunity to see a Banksy exhibition then I would highly recommend going.
Even if you're not in to art it's something that you will enjoy & at least see the funny side of, as I did when I saw a painting of the House of Commons with the MP's replaced with Chimpanzees..... ;o)


Elliott said...

J Where's the pics of the dodgy tan then????

Glad you had a good day, not sure I would have queued for five hours!

brown eyed girl said...

I would have queued it looked and sounded great, I love the picture of the house of commons and all his work.
You should have added your suntan picture too and we could have started a new trend in amusing tan line pictures... :)

cogidubnus said...

Stunning...the thought of your sun tan I mean...(groan)...

Actually the Banksy exhibition looked pretty good too!

Girl*Next*Door said...

Elliot; No. Chance! Lol
It was worth queueing five hours for :o)

B*E*G; It was just so good. I'm so glad I went.
We could have done but I'm not volunteering myself for more embarrassment!

Cogi; Lol! It is far from stunning. I look like pink striped zebra from the back!

brown eyed girl said...

Lol.. I had to read that twice cogidubnus, i thought you were talking about banksy :)