13 September 2009

On A Mission

I have decided I not only need to tone up completely (not washboard stomach & no thighs but just toned) & lose a tiny bit more weight but also I need to get fit. So, along with horse riding I am taking up pilates & (regular) swimming along with walking the new puppy & attempting to train him to walk properly & not drag me along as if I'm not even there!

I don't like the way the lessons are heading at my old yard. It's great for livery but not for lessons so I have moved to a new yard, had a taster lesson & booked a regular lesson as I feel I'm getting way more out of it than just sitting on the horse & carrying out instructions that I already know inside out.... Horse riding costs too much for that.

So, my new Instructor & yard are improving my technique & pushing me forward rather than going over old ground all the time which is what I wanted but didn't seem to be getting. Any horse riders who are reading this will know what I mean....

As for swimming & pilates.... I shouldn't really be doing any high impact sports so I only run a tiny bit & because I can't run as much as I'd like (which is rubbish because I really enjoy running), I've decided pilates & regular swimming is the way to go.

I am determined to get back to my toned & slim self so here goes! It is a horrible feeling when you put your old jeans on & they are ever so slightly too tight.....
Men are allowed to be slightly overweight, it suits them. I feel I just look slightly past my best with a bit more weight on me!
Then again, that could just be my built in paranoia but I've always stood by what makes me happy & I don't feel happy like I am so I'm changing it, slowly but surely.


cogidubnus said...

Oh my god, as if the thought of you on horseback hasn't haunted my every dream enough, (that Lady Godiva post I'll remember all my remaining years), and then all those items of (hem) shall we say, APPAREL, so lovingly and lingeringly described ... not to mention those long and luscious boots (PLEASE PLEASE don't mention the boots any more...).

Now I'm supposed to maintain my hard fought equilibrium, whilst imagining you putting your old jeans on and finding them slightly tight (oh christ) ... And then toning up...oh god have mercy... don't do this to an old man...

Doctor, doctor, more dried frog pills, and where's that cold bloody shower?

brown eyed girl said...

lol... Ive forgotten what i was going to write now cogidubnus ~ you really are so amusing..(thank you)
I know what you mean about going over the same things, i havent been riding that long but like to be pushed, you get more out of the lessons and yourself, i often hear the girls talk about it up our stables too.
I think what you are doing is brilliant, it shows you are made of good stuff the fact you have your goals and want to look/feel your best ~ good on you!
Since i started riding and salsa (and painting at night) I lost 5ib and somehow have managed to keep it off, im not overweight (7.8 lbs now) but know how i like to be, so although everyone will probably be tutting away at my comments, i can relate to you completly..
Were just women and know what we want..lol

Girl*Next*Door said...

Oh Cogi you do make me laugh! I don't know where to start with your comment really & I shan't spoil your day dreams with the grim reality either! Lol

B*E*G; That's it completely. I just feel like I'm repeating the same stuff over & over at my old yard & despite talking to the instructor, nothing changed so I moved on.
And as for the weight thing... I'm by no means overweight but I know what my 'happy' weight is & I want it back!

brown eyed girl said...

I know this may sound mad but try eating grapefruit after youve swam etc, i was told about it from doctor because i couldnt absorb iron from food very well and although i was eating more,it seemed to make a difference to my tummy? the weight came off there first (which never happens) it may be worth a try.