22 September 2009

Puppy Love

After the bundle of fun AKA Sam that we took on a year or so ago we now have another puppy who is now almost 13 weeks old. He is not dissimilar to the picture above.

All I can say is, if children are as hard work as puppies I want to stay single & responsibility free forever!

He is an Irish Setter & so full of beans he rattles.

Tricks include;

Biting feet that are either innocently walking past or coming down the stairs. Usually mine. I am convinced this is because I dance like a monkey & shriek like a fairy when he sinks his teeth in to my toes...

Peeing & pooing in places he shouldn't. Like under the dining room table that is a b****rd to get underneath & clean!

Sniffing out & stealing anything that he shouldn't have & is not his.

A disturbing habit of helping Sam to clean his 'bits'. He doesn't seem to realise that this is not acceptable behaviour...!

Tearing to shreds anything that gives in to puppy teeth. Including his used puppy pads. Mmm, nice....

Either refusing point blank to walk on the lead or racing so far ahead I end up looking like Wiley Coyote....

Being a total drama queen. One teeny step on the paw & he limps & squeaks like he's dying. One click of the food cupboard on the other hand, & he sprints like Linford Christie on speed...

Somehow thinking it is acceptable behaviour to leap on your lap the minute you sit down.

Emptying the pride & joy of my mother's world AKA; The Flower Boxes. Which Sam seems to think it is his duty to help with. Which then led to a large flowerbox & it's contents being spread all over the garden & patio.... Pansy carnage like you've never seen before.

Jumping in to the paddling pool & almost drowning himself. Before completely wrecking the thing with his teeth & claws five minutes after his grand rescue.

Being deposited in the garden for a wee, prevented from entering the house for a full 15 minutes & then peeing on the living room carpet the minute his paws touch the floor.

Humping my sisters thigh. Three times in a row.

Having a cuddle on my lap & then attempting to hump his squeaky toy. While laid on his back...

Clamping his teeth on to the bottom of Sam's ear & proceeding to box it with his paws.
While Sam is trying to sleep.

Finding a fatigued & highly stressed (so stressed he almost had a nervous twitch!) Sam early in the morning while the new puppy innocently looks up from biting Sam's tail.

Thinking maxi skirts are the new 'in thing' by hanging himself completely by the hem or trying to crawl up the the inside of said skirt.

Chewing anything that doesn't move.

And attempting it even if it does move...

Being offered a treat & rather than accepting it like a gent, taking it like a Phirana & almost biting your fingers off as well as the treat offered.

Getting half way up the stairs & when confronted by somebody coming down (me ususally)) launching himself at bare feet so the person he's confronted runs up the stairs at the speed of light to avoid the pin sharp teeth & the puppy running to the top of the house as fast as his gangly legs will carry him before he's caught.

Falling in love with the resident snob cat. A Persian X who thinks she is the bee's knees & when the new puppy is scratched across the face by her, he is stupid enough to go back for more...!

On his recent trip to the vet, insisting on sicking on my bag rather than the ample newspaper provided for that very purpose.

Trying to get himself decapitated by attempting to run the gauntlet with closing doors. He seems to think he has the power to run through/avoid solid objects rather than collide with them.

Making out he is an abuse case when he's taken for walks. What is with the whining & laying down on the pavement squeaking like an underfed & underloved mongrel when all he's been asked to do is walk for five minutes?!

Trying to scare the postman by doing cat leaps with bared teeth. The postman laughs while the puppy tries a bit harder to ruin his boots...

When someone is loading the dishwasher with their used plate, thinking it his job to lick the crockery clean & attempt to climb in to the bottom drawer of said dishwasher.

Stealing laundry out of the washing basket as quickly as you're getting it off the line. Leading to 50% of the time chasing an errant puppy with a random item of clothing in his mouth & 50% actually doing the job you set out to do.

Peeing in shoes. Even though his puppy pad is right next to the shoe & he has free access to a perfectly good garden.

Refusing to step paw in the rain as he fears he may melt. Then proceeding to poo/pee on the kitchen floor. Before being told he is a Very Bad Boy & being shut in the garden for ten minutes.

Being caught wrecking the bean & chilli plants & then giving his best 'Me? I'm innocent' look. While holding a full leaf in his mouth & the wreckage of what was formerly known as a plant behind him.

Sam, who is supposed to be setting a good example & not following the reprobate behaviour of the new puppy, giving his best innocent look while simultaneously attemting to hide any evidence of wrongdoing. Like muddy paws/nose or chocolate smeared nose/paws (Sam has never stolen in the whole time he's been with us. Now he's acting like Fagin's top boy!)

Sam trying to hide his guilty look while the puppy tries his best innocent look. They both know they are completely in the wrong but wil try in their own way to worm their way out of trouble.
Sam's guilty look consists of small eyes & rapidly beating tail while the puppy just pulls his 'puppy face' & hopes for the best. He needs to start hoping a bit harder....

But for all that I wouldn't change them & I'd never have anything else other than a gundog now. They are so full of personality & love that it is impossible to see them than anything else other than their own people rather than 'just dogs'.


cogidubnus said...

All fairly standard puppy behaviour then!

We once had to leave a black labrador alone for a couple of hours, and returned to the house to find he'd ripped to pieces the brand new fitted hall and stair carpet...

Could explain why, despite being reluctant landlord to two dogs, I'm more a cat person (six of those heh heh)...

brown eyed girl said...

When I first got my dog she chewed round the edges of 13 kitchen carpets... So I got smart and laid ceramic tiles...
Who said blondes are always stupid.. hehe

Sage said...

So funny... and so easily forgotten when they grow up a bit more... treasure these days and the memories... and have fun with him and Sam...

Girl*Next*Door said...

I think so Cogi!
Oh that's bad... Luckily we haven't had anything that dramatic from him. Yet...
I much prefer dogs to cats but my cat (her mum was my first pet) is a beautiful dainty grey & white cat with huge green eyes. She's the prettiest cat I've ever seen & although she is a fiery creature, I have a soft spot for her.

B*E*G, I promise not to say anything about it taking 13 chewed carpets for you to think of laying floor tiles ;o)
Sorry, couldn't resist that little tease! xxx

Sage; I have taken so many pictures of him. He's growing up so fast & although it's hard work now I'm making the most of him being a pup. It's like babies isn't it? You never fully appreciate those gurgly, giggly months until they've gone.