30 October 2009


Twice in the last month I have been ID'd for stuff I'm more than old enough to buy.

I went to Asda a few weeks ago & took advantage of the 3 for £10.00 wine offer they have on at the moment. I'm not a big drinker but I am partial to some wine occasionally. I got to the till & was getting the cash ready when the checkout man asked me if I had any I.D. I went to look & realised I'd forgotten it.
Cue five minutes almost of me persuading him that I had turned 24 the week previously & was defnitely old enough to buy alcohol.
It was a near run thing as he didn't believe me fully & it took all my persuasive powers to get him to agree with me. I succeeded in the end by promising that he wouldn't get in to trouble because I was definitely old enough!

Second occasion was last week. Tesco had a clearance sale of DVD's & I bought one 12 cert. & one 15 cert. Nothing major.
I went to pay for them & the woman at the checkout asked for ID. For a 15 cert. DVD!! I had to get my sister to pay for them for me. She's 18 & I'm 24, & she didn't get ID'd!

I've been told I have a babyface so maybe that's it. I'll be glad of it when I'm 30 probably but it bruises the ego somewhat when I'm on a date & get asked for ID. Oh the shame....

Song for today - Solsbury Hill


Littleacornman said...

Take it as a compliment! I'm 37 and when I was id'd buying cig papers in the Spar a few months back I may have mentioned it more than once to my old wrinkled friends!

dickiebo said...

It's 'cos you're young-at-heart, and it shows!
Now that I'm in my 70s, I like to show my OAP's card when I buy alcohol. It makes me feel good and it stops them asking for ID!!!!! lol.

Sage said...

Hey don't knock it I was being asked for ID as late as my 30's and I was glad of the meaning of it from their perspective.

Anonymous said...

The people who ID you must watch Dawson's creek or some other show when they get 20 or even 30 somethings to play the roles of high school teens.

cogidubnus said...

Solsbury Hill...oh jeez girl what a total treasure you are... the live concert recording of this track has been one of my most constant favourites for sooooo long.... nearly 30 years at least! It never fails to blow me away...

You may well look far younger than your actual age (be quietly pleased with that - it's a good omen for the future!) but your good musical taste is clearly far, far, in advance of your years!

Girl*Next*Door said...

L.A.C ~ I do take it as a backhanded compliment.
But getting ID'd at 37 is some achievement! Not saying you're old or anything but you know what I mean :o)

Dickie ~ Hmmm, young at eat or immature?!
Anyway the most important question is, does your OAP-ship get you discounts?! ;-)

Sage ~ I can understand why they do it for alcohol & cigarettes but DVD's?! A 15 cert. DVD at that...

Nostalgiafreak ~ You could have a point there. But Dawsons Creek stopped showing when I was about 11 so I didn't really follow it.

Cogi ~ It's a treasure of a track isn't it? :-)
It always makes me smile.

I suppose it is a good omen. In some form..
When it comes to music, I think I was born in the wrong decade because I hate most of the chart on any given week.