17 October 2009

The Ginger Rat

As the puppy is affectionately known. He is also less affetionately known as Little Sod, Git and Ginge depending on the seriousness of his latest crime.

He has doubled in height since we got him & when stood on his hidlegs, his paws reach the work surfaces in the kitchen. We found that out to our cost....
His latest toy to be chewed in the living room tonight was a wooden spatula which he gleefully ran under the coffee table with until it was removed from his lethally sharp teeth.
He had stolen it from the washing up bowl.

He is as hardened as hell & where one smack would stop a normal puppy in it's tracks, it takes five with Harley. You can remove him from doing something he shouldn't (like getting on the sofa) tap his bum & before you can blink, he's back on the sofa & behaving as if it's his right to be there.
Setters are very sweet but not for the faint-hearted. They definitely need strong, consistent & firm handling & although massively affectionate, they are extremely strong willed.

Anyway, here are some pictures.

Comfortable how?!

I really don't know how on earth he managed to get himself in to that tangle. Odd dog.

Out of a perfectly good living room, he chooses the T.V cabinet as his preferred spot.

I do like the crossed paws though. Almost as though he is praying & as well he might considering the damage he's caused to my toes & my favourite ballet pumps (my fault for leaving them in his reach really)

"If I look reeeaallly cute, she might let me chew her boots after all......"

".......Maybe not then."

Obviously, Sam's hip was provided solely for Harley's comfort rather than any practical use.

You may think Harley is copying Sam here. Do not be fooled, Sam thinks Harley's introduction to the household is licence for him to behave as a puppy again. To the point of contemplating stealing food which he has never done in his life with us & when I caught him & told him off, the look on his face was that of a child being caught with her hand in the biscuit barrel. Completely mortified & like their body is seperate to their brain & all rational thinking!

Harley is about 13 weeks old here I think. His legs are short & his face is still extremely puppy-like so I think he must be about that age. He's about 17 weeks old in the majority of the other pics.

Same pic but a different angle.

Legs & Co.

As you can see, both dogs are very close & impossible to separate now. Where one is, the other will be found very close by.

This is not so good when at 3am in the morning, they are found doing helter-skelter type runs up & down the three flights of stairs & when caught, Sam's face looked as if it was about to drop on the floor at being caught & Harley just looked at me & then looked at Sam, before looking back to me with a 'It's all his fault. He made me do it!' look.
I think not....

All in all, hard work but lots of fun!


Littleacornman said...

Very cute pics!

Girl*Next*Door said...

L.A.M ~ Yeah, they are. I look at those pictures of when he was first here & can't believe how quickly he's grown!

Lynn said...

he he, how cute! He's adorable and please don't tempt me into getting a puppy. I'm easily led. lol.

I've posted the collection of Cheltenham Literature Festival pics now over at my blog. Have a look and see if you're there! :) Yes DO come up and say hello if you see me, I'd be delighted.

Girl*Next*Door said...

Aww thanks Lynn. The plan is for him to become a stud dog. Goodness knows how much resisting I'll have to do when he starts fathering pups!

I've just had a look at the Flickr set & I'm not there. But I will definitely say hello if I see around Cheltenham :o)
Great pics by the way! Loved the 'Taleban' ones & the Holst ones :o)

Sage said...

He is beautiful and wilful I expect.. but you will forgive him every misdemeanour when he looks at you with those big brown eyes..