24 October 2009

Home Again

Well I'm back from the holiday. It wasn't actually that bad & turned out to be quite fun despite some misgivings that I may end up killing C or myself after four hours in the back of a car with her...

Monday - Set off & spent 4 hours in the car getting to very pretty Norfolk which also happened to be a very rainy & grey Norfolk. After 30 minutes I got bored of the incessant chat, switched my mp3 player on. soundtrack - The Prodigy. Coldplay. T-Rex.
Unpack, go for a walk on the beach & get to sleep by 9.30pm! So unlike me that I don't think I've ever gone to sleep that early but not much sleep the night before coupled with travelling knocked me out completely.

Tuesday - Go down to the beach for a little while but give up due to the rain & the breeze coming in off the sea.

Wednesday - Visit The English Whisky Co. I could quite happily have raided their shop & stayed there for the rest of the holiday!
I had a taster of all three liquers & the Blackberry I found much too sweet. It reminded me of syrup & just wasn't my taste at all.
The cranberry one was too tangy.
The blueberry one was perfect & it is absolutely delicious :-) I bought one of the 350ml bottles and for the quality of the alcohol I think it is a very good price.

I also tried some of their Single Malt Spirit (they aren't allowed legally to call it Whisky until it has been in the cask for at least three years) & it is delicious. I couldn't afford any but my step-dad bought some. I keep tasting it to make sure it isn't poisoned...... ;-)

Strop bought some Norfolk Nog & I keep tasting that too. It is yummy & has successfully cured my Baileys addiction, the Nog is far nicer.

I am so taken with their products that I'm even willing to go to the effort to mail order them. And if you do go near them then call in, they are extremely friendly & you're made to feel very welcome. The lovely lady there didn't even make me feel bad about requesting three tasters of the individual liquers, difficult decisions!

Thursday - Redwings! We were also made to feel very welcome there & I fell in love with Darcey. I really, really wanted to bring her home with me. She is beautiful & so trusting after what has happened to her.
Horses legs are deceptively delicate. To be hauled back & forth across the channel while receiving no suitable nourishment has meant her legs are damaged for life & she is unrideable. Some real awful stories of neglect, like headcollars fitted so tight they dug in to the flesh behind the ears & the headcollar had to be cut out of the head. There were at least 4 instances of this happening that I learned of. Another pony having to have it's eye removed as it was so badly neglected. Another that had been left in it's stable for four years. Others that had been turfed on to common land for somebody else to sort out & various other terrible & evil stories of complete neglect & disregard for the horse/pony.
As for stealing Darcey, I'll just have to settle for adopting her instead :-)
The evening was spent going to the chip shop & when Strop received a call on her mobile, I decided to make her have fits of giggles by standing in front of her & suggestively eating a saveloy.... It worked & she was laughing so much she had to end the call early. Success!

We then went for a long walk had one huge girly gossip. In the last few years a strong bond between us has grown & we tend to confide in each other. Being close in age probably helps but the gist of the conversation was anything from debating over whether to accept dates recently offered (a verbal pros & cons list) to how she really needs to stop wearing heels in my presence when I'm in flats. She is 5'8 in bare feet. I'm 5' in bare feet. It's just not fair!! ;-)

Friday - Mad dash to finish packing & get off early only to be caught in traffic & spend five hours getting back home.
It has to be said that Strop was really good company again & for 4 hours of the journey we spent the time quietly gossiping & smothering giggles at 'inappropriate' comments one or the other of us had made under our breath. The other hour I got bored & listened to my mp3 player. The music was The Kinks, The Beatles & David Gray.

On a seperate note; The Queen visited Cheltenham today & had I been home, she could have stopped for tea as she went almost past my front door. Next time I shall be sure to notify her of my social plans & she can plan her visit properly!


dickiebo said...

Her Majesty did comment that she was so sorry that you were not at home. Honest! lol.

Anonymous said...

oooh, Darcey, is soooo cute!

I'm tempted to go for adoption myself,. what exactly happened to her ?

cogidubnus said...

Welcome back GND...glad to hear you had such a good time...stunned and delighted you got on so well with Strop...one of our younger (20) pair of twins reminds me strongly of Strop...perhaps she'll grow out of it!

Sage said...

Glad you had a good time.... sometimes it's takes time apart to realise you want to spend time together... or not as the csae may be..

Girl*Next*Door said...

Dickie ~ I should think so too! How dare she pass through town without calling in for tea & biscuits ;o)

Anonymous ~ Darcey is gorgeous! As for what happened to her, she & another horse were used as cover for drug smuggling. The smugglers would make journeys from Germany to the U.K with both horses in the lorry & smuggle the drugs in with the horsebox. I don't know the exact details but that is the gist of it.
There are lots of other equines up for adoption & it is a very worthy thing so have a look at the website :o)

Cogi ~ Thanks. I was pleasantly surprised that things went so well with Strop too. I think she's growing up & as a result, we're getting closer.
Argh no! Please don't tell me she'll be temperamental until at least 20! I was hoping her moods were disappearing, not steadying out & becoming permanent....!

Sage ~ Thanks. Yes, I think you're right. Probably the change of scenery & routine helped a bit too. The holiday was nothing exotic but was one of the nicest I've had & because of that, one of the best :o)